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Switzerland Vignette Information

The Switzerland vignette is an obligatory document that every driver must have to use the Swiss motorways and certain roads. The usage of vignettes is mandatory for international tourists as well as nationals of Switzerland driving on the national road network.

Since August 1, 2023, drivers can choose between a traditional sticker and a digital vignette. The Swiss e-vignette is assigned to the vehicle registration number, not to the vehicle, as it is in the case of the sticker vignette. It means that it is no longer necessary to obtain an additional motorway vignette for another vehicle. The vignette requirement applies to all motor vehicles and trailers with a total weight not exceeding 3.5t.

The official vignette can be purchased only as a one-year vignette with a validity of 14 months, starting on December 1st of the previous year until January 31st of the following year.

The motorway vignette can be obtained either as a traditional physical sticker or can be easily purchased online. To get a Swiss vignette online, a driver only needs to prepare a valid method of online payment. Next, it is necessary to provide the vehicle category, the vehicle’s country of registration, and the number plate. The valid Swiss e-vignette will be delivered to the driver via email shortly after covering the payment.

Using the Swiss motorways without a valid official vignette, either a sticker or a digital one, can result in fines of CHF 200, excluding the costs of the vignette itself.

The Swiss government announced that once a digital vignette is chosen by 90% of the vignette users, the traditional toll sticker will be phased out.

Swiss vignette types and prices

Switzerland has introduced only one type of vignette. Regardless of the duration of your planned trip through the country, you can obtain:

  • an annual vignette: a vignette valid for 14 months with the validity starting on December 1st of the previous year until January 31st of the following year.

A 14-month vignette is available either in a digital form or as a physical sticker that can be purchased at one of the vignette sales points. A digital vignette is directly linked to the vehicle’s registration number, while a sticker vignette is fixed to a particular vehicle. The price is 58 EUR.

Important: If you just need to pass through Switzerland and your trip will take only a couple of days, you do still need to obtain a vignette for 14 months, as the country did not introduce short-time vignettes.


How to buy a vignette for Switzerland online

The purchasing process is very straightforward and can be easily completed using any electronic device with an Internet connection. You simply need to go through the following steps:

  1. Provide necessary information: Put the vehicle category, the country of your vehicle’s registration, and the registration number.
  2. Cover the processing fee: Use one of the available methods of online payment and pay the vignette fee.
  3. Receive your valid vignette: Refresh your email inbox and receive your vignette confirmation.

Please note that your vignette is valid just after completing the order process. You can use it immediately to drive through Switzerland.

In case you do not want to buy a Swiss vignette online, you can also get one at a petrol station close to the country’s border or by taking the lane dedicated to cars without a vignette on the Swiss border.

Why are vignettes mandatory in Switzerland

Switzerland, like many other European countries, introduced vignettes for specific categories of vehicles using its national network of motorways. Currently, the Swiss vignette is obligatory for motor vehicles with a total weight not exceeding 3.5 tons, including cars, motorcycles, and trailers.

The main purpose of the introduction of the e-vignette system in Switzerland is to collect money to finance and maintain the country’s motorway infrastructure. If you wish to avoid the vignette requirement in Switzerland, you will need to drive outside the Swiss motorways, which may be very inconvenient.


Driving the Swiss motorway without a valid vignette may result in being fined CHF 200 plus the costs of the vignette, CHF 40. Misusing the motorway vignettes, for example, affixing them improperly or damaging them, is also subject to imposing fines. A fine may also be imposed when a used vignette is transferred to another vehicle.

Do not forge your vignette, as it may cause serious legal consequences, including being reported to the Attorney General of Switzerland.

Benefits of buying a Swiss vignette online

Vignettes for Switzerland are available at gas stations in the neighboring countries or at the Swiss borders. However, buying the Swiss e-vignette is the most convenient option as it gives a lot of benefits, including:

  • The purchased vignette delivered straight to the email inbox
  • No need to affix the vignette to your vehicle’s windshield and worry if it is fixed properly
  • Possibility to join the fast lane when crossing the Swiss border
  • No need to think about finding a gas station or another vignette outlet to purchase a vignette
  • Opportunity to save plenty of time and unnecessary stress


Do I need a vignette for Switzerland?

The Swiss vignette is required for all motor vehicles with max. gross total weight up to and including 3.5t. The vignette requirement applies to cars, motorcycles, campervans, trailers, caravans, and motorhomes. Vehicles whose GVW exceeds 3.5t, including heavy motorhomes, lorries, and buses, are obliged to pay additional heavy vehicle toll, which is charged depending on the mileage. If you drive a car with a caravan, two physical vignette stickers must be purchased.

Is a 1-year vignette mandatory for one trip to Switzerland?

Yes. Since Switzerland introduced only one type of vignette, drivers who only plan one trip through the country throughout the whole year still need to obtain a one-year Swiss vignette.

Can I buy the Swiss vignette online?

The Swiss vignettes can be obtained in three ways. You can buy one either at the country's border (join the lane dedicated to vehicles not having a valid vignette) or at one of the gas stations situated at the borders of the neighboring countries (Italy, Germany, France, or Austria). Since August 2023, it is also possible to purchase an e-vignette. The purchased online vignette will be next delivered to your email address, and you will not need to fix it to your vehicle's windscreen.

How much is a Swiss vignette?

There is only one type of Swiss vignette, and its price is 58 EUR. The processing fee can be covered using one of the most popular means of online payment.

Should I obtain a separate vignette for each vehicle?

Yes, if you plan to use a physical toll sticker. The Swiss sticker vignettes are not interchangeable, so it means you cannot transfer them from one vehicle to another. Transferring them could make them fall apart. You can transfer the vignette only if it has not been used yet for another vehicle. When you decide to buy a Swiss e-vignette, it will be assigned to your vehicle's registration number, so no additional vignettes are needed for another vehicle.

Is the Swiss vignette valid immediately?

The validity of the Swiss e-vignette starts at the moment it is successfully purchased online and covers the same period as the sticker vignette, i.e., 1st December of the previous year to 31st January of the following year. Once you receive your e-vignette via email, you can use it already to drive in Switzerland. There is no waiting period before your vignette starts effective.

Do rental cars pay tolls in Switzerland?

If you plan to rent a car to travel around Switzerland, the vignette cost will already be included in the rent fee. If your car was rented in another country, most likely, the vignette cost will not be included.

Can I use my Swiss vignette to drive through tunnels?

The Switzerland motorway vignette can be used to drive through most Swiss tunnels. There are only two tunnels in Switzerland that require paying additional tolls, i.e., the Munt la Schera tunnel (Livigno) and the San Bernardino tunnel. The motorway vignette covers all other Swiss tunnels.

What happens if you don't buy a vignette for Switzerland?

Driving on Swiss motorways without having a valid vignette, even for short trips, may result in fines of up to CHF 200, excluding the vignette costs (around CHF 40).

What are the speed limits on the Swiss motorways?

Speed limits in Switzerland include 120km/h on motorways, 100 km/h on expressways, 80 km/h on normal, principal roads outside of towns and villages and usually in tunnels, and 50 km/h inside villages and towns.