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Vignette Validity in Switzerland

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About Vignette Validity in Switzerland

Switzerland vignette validity is the period through which a driver may use it to drive on the Swiss motorways. Unlike other European countries, Switzerland introduced only one type of vignette, which is the annual one.

Currently, a Swiss vignette can be obtained either as a physical sticker or an e-vignette (since August 1st, 2023).

Drivers of the vehicles subject to the toll charge are allowed to choose the preferred method of getting a vignette. Both vignette versions are issued as annual tolls and remain valid for 14 months. The price is also the same, no matter whether you decide to buy a physical toll sticker or an e-vignette.


Validity period of the Swiss vignette

A Swiss vignette stays effective for 14 months, and its validity starts on December 1st of the year before the one shown on the vignette, while it ends on January 31st of the year following the one stated on the vignette.

As there is only one type of vignette available in Switzerland, all drivers, regardless of the duration of their planned drive through the country, must obtain an annual vignette. So, even if you plan only one trip through Switzerland this year, you will need to purchase a vignette with a 14-month validity.

The Swiss e-vignette is valid immediately after completing the purchase process. Unlike in the EU countries, according to Swiss legislation, a customer does not have a right to withdraw from the online purchase within 14 days of the contract conclusion.

The Swiss Vignette Act does not include any provisions regarding short-term vignettes. That is why it is very unlikely that the country will introduce other vignette types in the future. Moreover, if the short-term vignettes were implemented in Switzerland, the cost of the annual vignette would significantly increase.

Important: If you already possess a physical toll sticker and wish to replace it with an e-vignette, please note that an adhesive vignette (invalid one) may be replaced with its digital alternative only if the windshield is replaced.


When should I buy a Swiss vignette

It would be best to obtain a Swiss vignette before crossing the country’s border to avoid the need to look for the nearest vignette sales points after entering Switzerland. If you decide to purchase an e-vignette, you will receive your email confirmation within a maximum of several hours or a few minutes (with Express Processing).

Nevertheless, if you prefer to obtain a Swiss vignette when already in Switzerland, make sure to find the nearest post office, gas station, or another sales point. Be aware that using the Swiss motorways without a valid vignette may result in imposing financial penalties of CHF 200 plus the cost of the missing vignette itself.

Please also note that due to local conditions in Switzerland, there are some exceptions where no vignette is required, including:

  • Basel/St Louis motorway;
  • Rheinfelden motorway;
  • Kreuzlingen motorway.

When entering Switzerland via one of the above-mentioned customs offices, you do not need to obtain a vignette as long as you leave the motorway via the first exit.