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Hungary Vignette Basic Information

Hungary vignette is needed on the toll road network in the country. The electronic system was introduced by the government, so now visitors don’t need to buy it in shops or vending machines and stick it on the windscreen. It is a very convenient option, as the whole vignette online process can be done electronically from any part of the world.

To obtain a vignette Hungary online, you should fill in the information about the vehicle, such as license number plate, duration of the trip, start date of a vignette, etc. Then, pick the type of e-Vignette and cover the necessary fee. If everything is correct, you will receive your motorway vignette via email.

The e-vignettes are required in case of vehicles up to 3.5 t. You can pick a weekly, monthly, or annual e-vignette online. Remember about it, or you will be fined. Also, note that the validity period starts from the purchase date. Vehicles above 3.5 t must have an onboard device with GPS – the price of the vignette depends on the vehicle category and total distance traveled.

Note that you are allowed to use toll roads only on condition you have a valid sticker. The check can be done on all tollways by the camera systems or drones without stopping your car. Prepare a valid sticker, as successful payment does not equal rights to use the road. The penalty is imposed on those who won’t have it according to the vehicle type.

The vignettes are essential, as the money from them is used for road maintenance. All drivers who plan to go to Hungary and drive on the toll roads must buy the vignettes.

Hungary vignette types and prices

D1 category vehicles

Weekly (10 days)
Annual national
Annual regional

D2 category vehicles

Weekly (10 days)
Annual national
Annual regional

U category vehicles

Weekly (10 days)
Annual national
Annual regional

B2 category vehicles

Weekly (10 days)
Annual national
Annual regional

D1M category vehicles

Weekly (10 days)
Annual national
Annual regional

Vehicles under 3.5 t

The price depends on the certain vehicle, its mass, and the tow (if any). Drivers of vehicles of the below categories of a maximum weight under 3.5 t must obtain an e-vignette on the toll road in Hungary:

  • D1 motor vehicles (motorcycles, mopeds, scooters)
  • D1 category (passenger cars weighing less than 3.5 t for transport of no more than 7 people or motorcycles)
  • D2 category (campers and passenger cars with DMC)
  • B2 category (buses or vehicles that can transport 10 or more people)
  • U category (trailers towed by cars).

What is more, there are three main types of Hungary e-vignettes:

  • annual sticker (national or regional)
  • 10-day digital vignette
  • monthly vignette.

Vehicles over 3.5 t

The toll for vehicles that weigh more than 3.5 t is paid through a device, and the Hu-Go-system that gives the road usage authorization for the route in one direction. You can check all the toll road maps for the different categories of vehicles before the trip to prepare for certain payments.

How to obtain a vignette for Hungary

Currently, it is not possible to buy a traditional vignette in Hungary, as everything is so done through the electronic system. You don’t need to put the sticker on your windscreen – thanks to the newest technology, cameras automatically read your plate numbers and search them in the database.

To obtain a digital vignette, you need to take part in the process of application and follow these simple steps:

  1. Select the type of motorway vignette and complete the form. Provide the details, such as the number plate, country of registration, etc.
  2. Pick a start date in the calendar and cover the required fee.
  3. Receive an email with confirmation and Hungary e-vignette.

Why are vignettes mandatory in Hungary

A valid vignette is important on toll roads in many countries in Europe, such as Slovakia, Slovenia, Austria, and Hungary. They can be treated as confirmation of fee payment and appropriate usage of the motorways.

Also, the Hungarian vignette has many types according to the driven distance and area (regional or national). It is used as a tax, thanks to which Hungarian authorities can maintain the whole road system in the country.


In case your vehicle doesn’t have a valid vignette, the unauthorized use of the toll road will be fined. Vehicles of D1/D2 categories need to pay 16 220 Ft within 60 days, and after that period fee increases to 64 850 Ft. Type B2 vehicles must cover 72 950 Ft fee (and 291 770 Ft in case the payment wasn’t paid within 60 days). The deadline is stated from the date of receiving the fine notice letter.

A single fine is imposed in the case of towing vehicles (D2/B2 categories) or a combination of vehicles with trailers (U category). Also, note that the fee must be paid if the towing vehicle has the vignette and the trailer doesn’t have it.

The fines are collected by NTPS PLC through the use of the Hungarian toll roads network system or the help of foreign agencies. The identification can be done directly or indirectly, as some countries don’t allow direct access to registries.

Benefits of buying a Hungarian e-vignette

You can enjoy plenty of benefits thanks to the digital vignette:

  • There is no need to put a sticker on your windscreen.
  • You can focus on the road and don’t look for the sales points, as everything is done online.
  • After the purchase, you will receive your digital vignette by email.
  • You don’t need to print the confirmation; your license plate numbers will be checked automatically.
  • The process is done immediately, so you don’t need to wait.
  • Everything is intuitive and simple. You won’t have problems during purchase.


Can I buy a vignette for Hungary online?

Yes, it is possible to buy a digital vignette for Hungary. You need to take part in the convenient application process: just pick a vignette type, fill in the information, cover the fee, and wait for the confirmation. Everything is done online, so you can buy a vignette earlier.

How much does it cost to get a vignette for Hungary?

The cost depends on the digital vignette type ad the vehicle. We can distinguish an annual vignette (regional or national), a monthly sticker, and a weekly one. Choose the one necessary for your trip and see the required payment.

Can you drive in Hungary without a vignette?

A digital vignette must be purchased before if you plan to use Hungarian toll roads during your trip. Unauthorized use of the way will result in a fine, so be aware of that. The fine depends on the vehicle type and increases after the deadline.

How do I buy a vignette for Hungary?

In order to buy a vignette for Hungary, you should open the application panel, pick a type of vignette and its validity period, fill in the necessary information, and cover the fee. Then, you will receive your confirmation via email.

Do you need a vignette in Hungary?

You need a vignette in Hungary in order to use the toll roads. You can choose the one according to the validity period and the vehicle type.

How long do I need to wait to have my digital vignette valid after ordering it?

The process is very intuitive and fast. It is done immediately after receiving the payment. When your vignette is ready, you will receive an email with confirmation.

Should I take my e-vignette confirmation for a trip to Hungary?

It is advisable to have digital vignette confirmation on the electronic device in case of a random check done by the authorities. However, your vehicle will be registered in the system, so it will be checked automatically.

Can I transfer Hungary electronic vignette to another vehicle?

It is not possible to transfer the weekly digital vignette to another vehicle after the start of the validity period. You must buy a new one to avoid paying a fine. In the case of annual and monthly stickers, it is possible to transfer them.