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Hungary Vignette for Motorcycles

Order a mandatory digital vignette for vehicles up to 3.5t with fast order validation.

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About Hungarian vignette for motorcycles

Vignette for motorcycles (D1 motor vehicle category) in Hungary is mandatory on the tollways. Besides, drivers of vehicles up to 3.5 tons (including passenger cars, scooters, mopeds, etc.) are also required to cover a toll payment.

There are a few options when it comes to vignette types; travelers can buy a vignette for one week, month, or year. Besides, it is possible to select an annual national vignette (valid for the whole country) or a regional one for a certain part of Hungary.

It is very easy to obtain an electronic vignette for Hungarian toll roads. Just provide the necessary information, such as vehicle registration number, vehicle type, the validity period of the vignette, etc., in the form, cover the fee with one of the available payment methods (like credit/debit card or PayPal), and wait for the confirmation.

Right now, a motorway vignette has an electronic form. This means that no physical sticker will be needed on the windscreen. Your vehicle is automatically registered in the system after the purchase of the vignette, and the camera systems can detect your license plate number to check if you paid for a vignette. It is a very effective method.

The price of e-vignettes for motorcycles differs depending on the selected type of permit. As for now, drivers of D1M category vehicles can buy a weekly vignette for 10,19 EUR, a monthly vignette for 16,48 EUR, an annual national vignette for 182,19 EUR and an annual regional vignette for 21,19 EUR. Don’t forget to buy a proper permit before your trip.

Note that a motorway vignette for Hungary is not needed for vehicles heavier than 3.5 tons, as in this situation, a device measuring driven distance is required. The final price will be applied based on the mileage.