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Hungary Vignette for Tunnels

Order a mandatory digital vignette for vehicles up to 3.5t with fast order validation.

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About the Hungarian vignette for tunnels

A vignette for tunnels and other sections of toll roads is a must-have for all travelers who decide to use paid ways in Hungary. The part of the toll road network includes tunnels where the vignette is necessary as well.

It is very easy to obtain a vignette to Hungary; just complete the form by providing the required information related to your vehicle, cover the fee, and wait for the confirmation that will be sent to your email. There is no need to stop at the petrol stations during border crossings to buy a vignette, as the process is done online (however, you can also purchase the vignette there via payment terminals).

All vehicles weighing less than 3.5 tons (including motorcycles) must have a toll sticker. It is possible to get a vignette for a week, a month, or a year. The price depends on the vehicle category and the validity period. Besides, vehicles with a total weight of more than 3.5t need an onboard unit with GPS that measures the distance and charges a fee accordingly.

The toll system in Hungary is very effective, and all drivers without a valid vignette will be punished by a fine. The newest technology used by the authorities, including drones and cameras, will easily detect those who are unauthorized, so be careful and obtain a vignette earlier. A fine depends on the vehicle category and increases if it’s not covered within the deadline.

There are many advantages of Hungarian e-vignettes; the process of getting it is done quickly, as it is very intuitive and simple. There is no need to wait in line, as you can obtain a vignette online from any part of the world. Just focus on your journey and enjoy your trip without inconveniences related to proper permits.