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Vignette Control in Hungary

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About Vignette Control in Hungary

Hungary vignette control is maintained by the proper authorities to see if you paid for the road usage. Many countries in Europe, such as Austria, Slovakia, and Slovenia, introduced a toll sticker system on paid roads in order to maintain them properly.

Right now, you can buy a digital vignette in Hungary; it is very good news, as the e-vignette can be purchased from any part of the world. You don’t need to buy the physical sticker in the shop and put it on your windscreen anymore.

What is more, we can distinguish three main types of e-vignettes for Hungary according to the validity period: an annual vignette (regional or national), a monthly vignette, and a 10-day vignette.

You are not allowed to drive without a vignette on the toll roads in Hungary. If you do so, you will be punished, as the system uses the newest technology as cameras and drones, to check your vehicle registration number. You can also be controlled by the police authorities.

Fines and penalties

The Hungarian vignette is obligatory in case you plan to use toll roads in Hungary. If you don’t meet this requirement, you will be fined. The fine depends on the vehicle category and increases after the deadline.

The penalties for driving without a vignette are as follows: drivers of D1/D2 vehicles must pay 16 220 Ft within 60 days and 64 850 Ft in case they didn’t cover the fee within 60 days.

When it comes to the B2 vehicles, drivers need to pay a 72 950 Ft fee (or 291 770 Ft when the payment wasn’t covered in time). The date of receiving the fine notice determines the start of the deadline.

Besides, it is worth knowing that towing vehicles registered in the vehicle registration certificate of D2/B2 categories or a combination of vehicles with trailers of the U category must pay a single fee in case of driving without an electronic vignette (in a situation when towing vehicle has a valid vignette and trailer doesn’t, the fine will be imposed as well).

The NTPS PLC collects the fines through the Hungarian toll roads network system and the assistance of foreign agencies. Direct or indirect identification is possible.

Vignette exemption

Special vehicle drivers are exempt from getting an e-vignette, such as vehicles from the Ministry of Interior, the Armed Forces, etc. Besides, some vehicles need to be registered in the system, but drivers don’t need to buy an e-vignette. The rule applies to the basic rescue units, administrators of motorways, historic vehicles, and so on.