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About Slovakia Vignettes

Slovakia vignette is a toll that must be paid in order to use Slovakian motorways. It was introduced by Slovakian government in 2016 as an electronic toll system that enables buying vignettes without problems. When it comes to the paper sticker vignette, it was generally replaced by the electronic one.

So now, all the visitors who plan to use Slovak motorways can obtain an e-vignette online. It is a very simple and convenient option, and there is no need to put a sticker on your windscreen. The toll system is very effective, so you don’t need to worry.

In order to get a motorway vignette in Slovakia, a driver should provide information such as license plate number, country of registration of the vehicle, trip duration, and start date. Then, select the type of e-vignette Slovakia and cover the fee. You will receive an email with a digital vignette shortly after that.

Note that you must have a vignette to use Slovakian motorways if your vehicle weighs up to 3.5 t. The vignettes are distinguished by the validity period of 10 days, 30 days, 365 days, and 1 year. You can buy them online via the portal; the price depends on the type.

Vehicles with a weight over 3.5 t must have an on-board unit that will measure the distance of the trip. After that, the final toll will be estimated according to the distance and the vehicle type.

Besides, there are some exceptions. You don’t need to get a vignette in case of certain governmental vehicles or those that help people. Also, those with ZŤP disability cards and historic vehicles are an exception to the rule.

Remember to obtain a vignette Slovakia before your journey. Otherwise, you will be forced to pay the fee of even 500 Euro.

Slovakia e-vignette types and prices

The following vignette packages are available:



The final price may differ and can change anytime, as it depends on government.

*The validity period of 1-year vignettes starts from 1 January or on the payment day and ends on 31 January the following calendar year.

Vehicles under 3.5t

All visitors whose vehicle weighs no more than 3.5 t must obtain a motorway vignette. This rule applies to the two-track motor vehicle, M1 category vehicles with the permissible weight, combination of the vehicles (for example, vehicle + trailer) up to 3.5 t, and additionally for a trailer if the weight of the vehicle of the M1 or N1 category exceeds 3.5 t.

Besides, there are several types of e-vignette Slovakia:

  • Annual e-vignette
  • 365-day e-vignette
  • 30-day e-vignette
  • 10-day e-vignette

You can pick one of the types that suits your needs. Consider the pace and other factors during your drive to enjoy your trip without additional stress and problems.

Vehicles over 3.5t

All vehicles heavier than 3.5 t must have an on-board unit that determines the toll prices, depending on the distance and the vehicle class/weight/emission, or number of axles. You can find more information on the governmental website.

How to obtain a vignette for Slovakia

Remember about the vignette; otherwise, you can be fined. Pick a suitable method, get all the necessary documents, and enjoy a trip without stress.

The best way to obtain a motorway vignette Slovakia is to get it online. The electronic process is very convenient and simple. Thanks to it, you can save time and effort. Just complete the registration, grab the device with an internet connection (smartphone, PC, laptop, or tablet), and consider the steps listed below:

  1. Pick the type of vignette (the validity period) and fill in the electronic form. Provide information about your vehicle (registration number, license plate number, etc.).
  2. Select the vignette start date and cover the fee.
  3. Check your email address and receive a registration number with an active vignette to Slovakia.

Why are vignettes mandatory in Slovakia

You need to buy vignettes for certain road parts in many countries across Europe. Vignettes are a very popular way to confirm the driver’s eligibility to use the expressways.

As a road tax, the Slovakian vignette price depends on the time, vehicle type, and motorways. Besides, the Slovakian authorities are able to maintain the country’s road system thanks to the money obtained from vignette purchases.


Before your trip, make sure you have a Slovakia vignette, as random checks can be performed by the Slovakian police or authorities anytime. The special technology, including camera systems, lets them see the license plate numbers of the car. Keep in mind that you can be checked at the car park, motorway station, or remotely.

In the case of driving without a valid vignette in Slovakia, you can get a fine ranging from €100 to even €500. Check all the information and obtain a vignette.

Benefits of buying an electronic vignette for Slovakia

You can appreciate the many advantages of the digital vignette:

  • There is no need to put a stick on the vehicle’s windscreen.
  • You don’t need to look for the kiosk or vending machines, as the process is done electronically.
  • You will receive an active vignette via email address.
  • No printing of the confirmation is necessary. The plate numbers of the vehicles are automatically registered.
  • The vignette is valid after the purchase, and you don’t need to wait.


Do I need an e-vignette to drive Slovakia highways and expressways?

Yes, a vignette is necessary in case you drive through Slovakian motorways. Currently, it is possible to buy it online earlier and enjoy a trip without additional stress. The e-vignette was introduced in 2016, so now you can enjoy its benefits. Remember to have it to avoid paying the fine.

Where can I buy an e-vignette for Slovakia?

Buying an e-vignette couldn't be any easier. It is possible to do it online just by completing the form within minutes. After the process, you will receive a vignette via email, and you don't need to worry about looking for vending machines or shops that sell vignettes.

How much does the highway cost in Slovakia?

The cost is linked to the vignette type. So you can pick a 1-year e-vignette for €60, a 365-day e-vignette for €60, a 30-day e-vignette for €17, or a 10-day e-vignette for €12. Note that the price can change.

When should I buy a digital vignette for Slovakia?

It is advisable to obtain a digital vignette to Slovakia earlier to avoid problems, at least a few days before the trip. You need to buy it before you enter the country. You can pick the specific start date in the special calendar during the application.

How long do I need to wait to have my digital vignette valid after ordering it?

The process of getting a digital vignette is simple and fast - usually, it takes around 30 minutes after the payment confirmation. Then, you will receive your vignette via email, and you can use it right away.

For how long is the e-vignette for Slovakia valid?

The validity period depends on the type of Slovakian vignette. You can pick a 10-day, a 30-day, 365-day, or 1-year vignette. You can obtain an e-vignette online from any part of the world.

Should I take my e-vignette confirmation for a trip to Slovakia?

It is recommended to save the confirmation on the electronic device and keep it in case of a check. However, your vehicle's data will be registered in the system, so the proper authorities may see your license plate number and if you covered the fee.

Are separate vignettes obligatory for caravans, trailers, or motorbikes?

In case the weight of the vehicles of the M1 or N1 category is more than 3.5 t, you must obtain a separate vignette. In the other situation, it is not necessary to buy additional vignettes.

Can I transfer Slovakia electronic vignette to other vehicles?

It is not possible to transfer the electronic vignette. You need to buy the new one for a different vehicle.

What is the fine for not having a vignette in Slovakia?

The fine varies from €100 to €500 depending on the vignette type. Prepare before and buy a vignette to avoid problems.