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Vignette Control in Slovakia

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Information about Vignette Control in Slovakia

The Slovakian vignette control is conducted on the toll roads in Slovakia by the proper authorities. The government implemented an electronic toll system in 2016, making it possible to purchase vignettes without difficulty.

The paper sticker vignette has been replaced by the electronic one. As a result, all tourists who will be using Slovak highways can now obtain an e-vignette online. It is a very simple and convenient solution, and no stickers are required on your windscreen.

The e-vignette application procedure won’t be a problem. You simply need a mobile application, then provide the necessary details, pay the price, and wait for an email confirmation. The process is quick, and your vignette will be valid from the day of purchase.

Drivers that use toll roads in Slovakia must have a valid vignette if their vehicle weighs less than 3.5 tons. The cost of the e-vignette varies depending on the kind of vehicle and the due date. Choose the finest option for your trip.

Fines and penalties

It is stated that a digital vignette is mandatory for vehicles weighing up to 3.5 t while using Slovakian motorways and expressways. Driving without a valid vignette will result in an additional charge between €100 and €500.

In the case of vehicles heavier than 3.5 t, drivers must have a special toll-box that was introduced in 2010. The final price will be determined by the type of vehicle and the driven distance.

What is more, the newest technology, including camera system and drones, allows proper authorities to check your plate numbers remotely or at the motorways station, etc. The inspection can be done anytime, and you need to expect it.

Remember to buy an electronic vignette earlier to avoid paying a fine and other inconveniences. It is important to observe rules and conditions to enjoy a trip without stress.

Vignette exemption

Special types of vehicles are exempt from getting a Slovak vignette, such as vehicles of:

  • the Ministry of Interior of Slovakia
  • the Ministry of Defence of Slovakia
  • the Armed Forces of NATO and the Slovak Republic
  • civil units performing duties
  • the rescue units
  • the motorways and expressways administrators
  • Court Guard and the Prison
  • disabled people with a parking pass
  • social services
  • social guardianship and child protection facilities
  • the historical value, financial administration, foreign nationals under a special regulation
  • the Slovak Information Service
  • the National Security Authority

Also, some vehicles can be registered in the system without payment. This rule applies to basic rescue units, administrators of the roads, historic vehicles, etc.