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Vignette Validity in Slovakia

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Vignette Validity Information for Slovakia

Slovakia vignette validity is a period in which the vignette is active. An electronic vignette is mandatory for drivers who want to use Slovak motorways and expressways.

All vehicles of up to 3.5 t weight must be registered in the toll system that was introduced by the government. Now, you can get an e-vignette and don’t need to worry about buying a physical toll sticker and putting it on the windscreen.

Getting an e-vignette is simple and convenient. You just need to complete the form (provide information such as registration number), cover the fee, and wait for an email with confirmation and your e-vignette.

You can pick various types of vignettes in Slovakia according to the validity period: an annual vignette, a 365-day vignette, a 30-day vignette, and a 10-day vignette. It is possible to buy them on this website.

Vehicles weighing more than 3.5 tons must have an on-board unit that measures the distance traveled. Following that, a final toll will be calculated based on the distance and type of vehicle.

Validity period of the Slovakian vignette

Vehicles under 3.5 T

The validity period of the Slovakian electronic vignette is as follows:

  • Annual e-vignette that is valid from 1 January or the day of payment in the relevant calendar year till 31 January of the following year.
  • 365-day e-vignette – valid for 365 days (also during the day specified by the road section user).
  • 30-day e-vignette with a validity of 30 days, including the day stated by the customer.
  • 10-day e-vignette that is valid for 10 days from the day stated by the customer.

Drivers of vehicles up to 3.5 t must have a digital vignette to use Slovak toll roads legally. This includes two-track motor vehicles, M1 category vehicles, a combination of vehicles (for example, car + trailer) up to 3.5 t, and trailers if the weight of the vehicle in the M1 or N1 category is above 3.5 t.

They can buy it online from any part of the world. The process is very easy. Just provide information in the form, cover the fee, and wait for confirmation. Remember to double-check the details in order to avoid mistakes.

Vehicles over 3.5 T

Vehicles weighing more than 3.5 tons are required to have on-board equipment that calculates tolls depending on distance and vehicle class/weight/emission and number of axles. More information can be found on the government’s website.

What is the penalty for driving without an electronic vignette

The penalty varies, as it depends on many factors. However, you may expect a fee of up to €500. The Slovak authorities or police can do random checks at any moment.

Besides, the new technology, including cameras and drones, enables checking the number plates in the system. The control can be done at a motorway station, car park, or remotely.

Remember to buy a vignette before you decide to use toll roads, as it is very important. In another case, you will need to pay a fine.