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Vignette for Czech Republic

A digital vignette for the Czech Republic was introduced in 2021 when the country decided to replace traditional adhesive sticker vignettes with the electronic toll system. Since then, every driver planning to use the Czech road network can buy a Czech vignette online.
A driver simply needs to enter details of their vehicle, including license plate number, vignette start date, and planned duration of trip across the Czech Republic. After selecting the type of an e-vignette, it is obligatory to cover the processing fee. Shortly after, an active vignette confirmation will arrive in the driver’s email inbox.

Vignettes in the Czech Republic are obligatory for all motor vehicles with at least four wheels of up to 3.5t. Unlike other European countries, the Czech Republic has not introduced an extra toll for trailers or motorbikes.

All drivers of vehicles weighing more than 3.5t, including campers or vans, do not need an electronic vignette. Instead, they must obtain an electronic device with GPS measuring their distance driven. Their final toll will be then measured according to the distance they have driven as well as the category of their vehicle.

Important: Holders of hydrogen, electric, or hybrid cars (whose CO2 emissions do not exceed 50g/km) are exempt from the Czech Republic vignette requirement. They, however, need to have assigned a special registration plate to avoid the fee.

Czech vignette types and prices

The following vignette packages are available:


CZK 310 (Regular price)

CZK 155 (Eco price*)

  • For vehicles up to 3.5t

CZK 440 (Regular price)

CZK 220 (Eco price*)

  • For vehicles up to 3.5t

CZK 1,500 (Regular price)

CZK 750 (Eco price*)

  • For vehicles up to 3.5t

*Eco prices apply only to vehicles that are powered by biomethane or natural gas.

Vehicles under/over 3.5t

Vehicles under 3.5t
A vignette must be obtained by every driver whose four-wheel vehicle does not exceed 3.5t. There are three types of e-vignettes available:

  • Annual e-vignette
  • 30-day e-vignette
  • 10-day e-vignette

Choose one type of electronic vignette that best covers your driving needs through the Czech Republic and travel across the country with peace of mind knowing that you will not be fined.

Vehicles over 3.5t
Drivers of vehicles exceeding 3.5t who wish to drive through the Czech Republic must register in an online toll system (MYTO) instead of buying a vignette.

Moreover, before setting off for the Czech Republic, a driver shall get a special device equipped with a GPS to measure the distance driven in the country. Based on it, they will know the amount of money they need to pay.

How to obtain a vignette for the Czech Republic

Obtaining a vignette for the Czech Republic is not a complicated process. The vignette can be obtained at one of the Czech kiosks, sales points, or online. Choose the most suitable method of getting a vignette and buy yours before you start to use the Czech roads!

Bear in mind that purchasing an e-vignette may help you save plenty of time. To complete the online registration, prepare your working electronic device, ensure a stable Internet connection, and follow these simple steps:

  1. Select one type of Czech e-vignette and put the necessary details of your vehicle (country of registration, license plate number, etc.)
  2. Choose the start date of your e-vignette in a calendar and cover the service fee.
  3. Receive the confirmation e-mail with your active e-vignette.

Your vignette will be valid immediately. You may use it to drive the Czech Republic roads straight away!

Why are vignettes mandatory in the Czech Republic

Vignettes are very popular across Europe, especially in Austria, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic. They confirm that a driver has covered the appropriate fee to use the motorways and highways in a certain country.

A Czech vignette serves as a road tax form imposed on vehicle drivers and differs depending on the time they plan to use their vehicles on the roads.

Thanks to the money received from the vignette purchases, the Czech Republic authorities are able to maintain the road system across the country.


The Czech Police and the Customs Administration may perform random vignette checks. They have special patrol vehicles that use dedicated camera systems to recognize the vehicle’s license plate numbers. The controls may be performed at car parks, motorway service stations, or even remotely.

A driver who does not carry a valid vignette is subject to a financial penalty of up to CZK 20,000.

Benefits of buying a Czech vignette online

Purchasing a Czech vignette online has plenty of advantages, including:

  • No sticky residue on your vehicle’s windscreen
  • No need to look for the nearest vignette sales point or kiosk – the entire process is online
  • The active e-vignette confirmation is sent directly to the driver’s email address
  • No need to print out the vignette confirmation – your license plate numbers will be automatically registered
  • No waiting period – an e-vignette for the Czech Republic becomes valid immediately after purchasing


Do I need an e-vignette to drive the Czech highways and expressways?

Driving the Czech expressways and highways requires having a relevant vignette. The Czech Republic introduced the e-vignette system in 2021, and since that time, all foreigners passing through the country can benefit from its digital alternative. e-Vignette applies to all four-wheel vehicles not exceeding 3.5t. Failure to obtain a valid Czech vignette may result in fines.

How can I get an e-vignette for the Czech Republic?

At the moment, the Czech vignette can be obtained in three different ways. You can buy it either at one of the sales points, at the self-service kiosk, or online. The last option is the most convenient, as the purchase process can be completed within minutes without even leaving home.

How much does a Czech vignette cost?

The Czech vignette price varies from CZK 310-1500 (normal price) and CZK 155-750 (eco price) and depends on the vehicle category and vignette validity.

When should I buy a digital vignette for the Czech Republic?

The relevant Czech vignette should be obtained before entering the country. It is recommended to handle the purchasing process a few days prior to the planned travel. A driver can choose the starting vignette date in a dedicated calendar.

How long do I need to wait to have my digital vignette valid after ordering it?

The vignette registration process will start as soon as we receive the payment. The process itself should take around 30 minutes. Once your vignette is ready, it will be sent to your email address. You can use it immediately as there is no waiting period.

How long is the e-vignette for the Czech Republic valid?

The Czech Republic offers three different types of vignettes differing in terms of the validity period. A driver can choose either a 10-day, 30- day or annual vignette.

Should I take my e-vignette confirmation for a trip to the Czech Republic?

Once you provide your vehicle's information, including your license plate number, the Czech authorities will have all of your data registered in the system. That is why it is unnecessary to hold the vignette confirmation. Nevertheless, you may save an email with your purchase receipt, just in case.

Are separate vignettes obligatory for caravans, trailers, or motorbikes?

No additional vignette is needed for motorbikes, caravans, or trailers to use the Czech Republic road network.

Can I transfer the Czech Republic electronic vignette to another vehicle?

In general, the Czech Republic digital vignette is not transferrable. No changes are permitted if your vignette is already active. However, you may edit your order until your vignette start date.

What is the fine for not having a vignette in the Czech Republic?

Drivers who fail to obtain electronic vignettes can be fined up to CZK 20,000. Additionally, any unlawful usage of toll exemptions in the Czech Republic may result in fines of up to CZK 100,000.