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Czech vignette for tunnels

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About Czech vignette for tunnels

The Czech Republic vignette is required to drive on certain toll roads. Some countries require covering additional toll fees to use tunnels and bridges. However, this is not the case in the Czech Republic, as there are no tunnels requiring a separate vignette or additional toll fee. Therefore, there is no separate Czech vignette for tunnels that should be purchased in order to drive through tunnels in Czechia.

More than 2,400 kilometers of highways and first-category roads in Czechia are currently subject to toll fees. It is rather impossible to avoid using the toll road network in the Czech Republic, so obtaining a vignette is the best solution if you do not want to risk being fined.

The Czech Republic authorities replaced the traditional vignettes with the electronic vignette system in 2021. Since then, drivers can obtain a vignette online instead of buying a traditional toll sticker.

If you drive in the Czech Republic, always have a vignette if your vehicle has at least four wheels and its GVW is up to 3.5t. If your vehicle is over 3.5t, you will need to install a GPS device, and the toll fee will be then measured according to your distance driven in Czechia.

Remember that you no longer need to stop at the nearest petrol station or look for another vignette sales point. Thanks to the introduction of the e-vignette system, the Czech vignette can be purchased online.

The Czech vignette is the confirmation that you covered the toll road fees. Buying a vignette for the Czech Republic entitles you to use the motorways and expressways without limitations.

Drivers who fail to obtain a vignette for the Czech Republic should expect financial penalties of up to CZK 20,000.