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Czech vignette for caravans

Order a mandatory digital vignette for vehicles up to 3.5t with fast order validation.

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About Czech vignette for caravans

The Czech Republic is one of these countries that requires a vignette for drivers of certain vehicles. Although there is no separate Czech vignette for caravans, every owner of a caravan with a maximum weight not exceeding 3.5 tons is required to obtain a vignette to use the Czech motorways and expressways.

As the Czech Republic replaced the sticker vignette with its digital alternative in 2021, the Czech vignette for caravans can be only purchased as a digital vignette at one of the sales points, at the self-service kiosk, or at an online store.

Although there are numerous ways to get a vignette, the most convenient method is purchasing it online. After providing all necessary details and covering the processing fee, an active vignette confirmation is delivered to the buyer’s email address. There is no need to either print it out or fix it on your caravan’s windscreen.

Do remember to purchase a Czech vignette for your caravan (up to 3.5 t) and ensure a hassle-free trip through the Czech Republic.

Why you need to get a Czech vignette for caravans

All at least four-wheel vehicles up to 3.5 t, including caravans, must obtain a vignette to drive in the Czech Republic. Therefore, if you are the owner of a caravan of up to 3.5 t, you are obliged to purchase a vignette. Otherwise, using Czech toll roads without a valid vignette may result in hefty financial penalties (up to CZK 20,000).

Obtaining a Czech vignette for caravans also means that you pay the toll tax. The money collected from the tax is then used for the maintenance of the Czech road networks. Don’t risk being fined – purchase a vignette for your caravan even before your trip to Czechia starts!

Vehicles covered by the Czech vignette for caravans

Traveling through the Czech Republic with a caravan requires obtaining a Czech digital vignette. Since the Czech Republic does not offer a separate vignette exclusively covering caravans, you should purchase an official digital vignette for Czechia.

The official Czech digital vignette covers all at least four-wheel vehicles whose GVW is up to and including 3.5 tons. The vignette obligation doesn’t apply to motorbikes and trailers.

If you drive a caravan whose weight is over 3.5t, you shouldn’t purchase a vignette. Instead, you will need to obtain a GPS device measuring your distance traveled in Czechia. The due toll will be next paid based on your mileage.

Czech vignette for caravans online purchase

The online purchasing process of a Czech vignette for caravans shouldn’t take you more than a couple of minutes. You will only need to grab your smartphone, laptop, PC, tablet, or whatever electronic device with a stable Internet connection and follow a few steps more:

  1. Provide your vehicle’s details: Select your preferred vignette type and provide your caravan’s details.
  2. Pay the e-vignette fee: Choose the preferred methods of online payment from the available ones and cover the service fee.
  3. Receive your active vignette: Check your email and make sure that your vignette confirmation has been sent to you.

Note: Before completing your vignette order, make sure to double-check all the information entered. Your active vignette functions entirely online, and you don’t need to carry its physical copy.

Duration of the Czech vignette for caravans

Caravan owners can select from three types of vignettes available for the Czech Republic. Depending on the planned trip through Czechia with your caravan, you can purchase a vignette for 10 days, 30 days, or even one year.

Choose wisely and make sure that you have a vignette that covers the entire duration of your planned trip through the Czech Republic.