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Vignette for highways in Czech Republic

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About Czech vignette for highways

A Czech vignette for highways is a vignette that must be purchased in order to drive in the Czech Republic. Since 2021, it has been possible to obtain an e-vignette for the Czech Republic instead of buying a physical toll sticker.

A highway vignette for the Czech Republic is mandatory for all drivers of motor vehicles (with at least four wheels) whose GVW does not exceed 3.5t.

Note: The Czech toll roads, where possessing a valid vignette is mandatory, can be easily identified as the green and white signs are located along the entire network of Czech motorways.


Why to obtain a Czech highway vignette

Purchasing a Czech digital vignette for highways is very important in order to avoid financial penalties. Driving through Czechia without a valid vignette may impose hefty fines of up to CZK 20,000.

Drivers traveling through Czechia should be aware of the vignette control. There are random vignette checks performed by the Czech Police and Customs Administration. Additionally, the Czech Republic uses the camera system to verify whether a certain vehicle possesses a valid vignette or not.

By obtaining a Czech e-vignette, you will contribute to the better quality of the Czech road system as the money collected from the vignette purchase is used for its maintenance.


Vehicles covered by the Czech vignette for highways

The Czech highway vignette is obligatory for all vehicles with a minimum of four wheels with a gross weight not exceeding 3.5t.

There are certain vehicle types that do not require a vignette, including:

  • electric vehicles
  • hydrogen-powered and hybrid vehicles
  • vehicles transporting particular individuals, e.g., disabled people
  • historic cars (only if possessing a special license plate)

Note: Electric, hydrogen, and hybrid vehicles are toll-exempt only if their CO2 emission is less than 50g/km.


Buying Czech highway vignette online

The introduction of the electronic toll system in the Czech Republic has facilitated the process of getting a mandatory vignette. Thanks to the intuitive and entirely online application, customers no longer need to worry about finding the highway vignette sales point on their way.

Instead, they can purchase an e-vignette before starting their journey and travel to the Czech Republic without stress. The Czech highway vignette buying process includes the following steps:

  1. Provide your vehicle’s details: enter all necessary information, such as the vehicle’s license plates, country of registration, etc.
  2. Cover the service fee: pay the processing fee using one of the available online payment methods.
  3. Receive a valid vignette: refresh your email inbox and receive the confirmation of your successful purchase of your vignette.

The successfully purchased vignette will be sent to the buyer’s email address once it is processed and the payment has been registered. Holding a printed confirmation of the valid vignette is unnecessary as the Czech vignette system is fully digitalized, and all the vehicle details are stored online.


Duration of Czech vignettes for highways

Depending on your driving needs in the Czech Republic, you can choose one of the following highway vignettes:

  • a 1-YEAR E-VIGNETTE: an ideal option if you travel through the Czech Republic regularly;
  • a 30-DAY E-VIGNETTE: an ideal vignette type if you plan a longer drive through Czechia but not exceeding 30 days;
  • a 10-DAY E-VIGNETTE: a perfect choice for short trips through the Czech Republic.

Buy one of the available highway vignette types and use the Czech motorway network hassle-free.