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Benefits of Using Digital Vignette in Czech

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Advantages of the Czech Republic vignette online

Since the Czech Republic replaced the adhesive vignette (toll sticker) with an e-vignette in 2021, the advantages of the Czech Republic vignette online are numerous. Drivers subject to the vignette obligation can still obtain Czech vignettes at one of the vignette sales points located across the country. However, they no longer need to bother themselves with fixing physical stickers on the windscreen of their vehicles.

The most important benefits of the Czech Republic e-vignette system include the following:

Convenient and straightforward online purchase

The Czech Republic vignette can be purchased in just a few clicks – all you need to do is fill out the order form with your personal details and your vehicle’s license plate number and pay the service fee. After processing the payment, your valid e-vignette will be delivered straight to your email inbox. The received electronic vignette is valid immediately and can be used on Czech roads straight away as there is no waiting period before the e-vignette is active.


Accessibility of a digital vignette

You no longer need to look for the nearest vignette sales point (Česká pošta, EuroOil gas stations, or self-service kiosk) on your way across the Czech Republic. A digital vignette can be accessed from whatever place from your working electronic device as long as you are connected to the Internet and have access to valid means of online payment.


Safety and security of personal data

Thanks to the advanced system, which is constantly upgrading, we can ensure the security of our customer’s personal details. All the personal data entered in the order forms is encrypted and securely stored with no possibility of any leakage.



Due to the fact that electronic vignettes require no paper or plastic to be produced, they are eco-friendly. Contrarily to adhesive vignettes, their introduction has a very positive impact on the environment as they generate no waste and contribute to reducing the energy that would be used to produce traditional vignettes.


Clean windscreen with no sticky residue

As the Czech Republic vignette is no longer sold in the form of an adhesive sticker, drivers can forget about gluing it and scratching it while the vignette expires. It used to be one of the main disadvantages of the physical vignettes as they left residues on the vehicle’s windscreens which were sometimes really problematic to clean.


Numerous payment methods available

Online vignette order is very convenient as drivers no longer need to have some cash prepared. In the era of online payments, most people prefer to pay online whenever it is possible. To cover the processing vignette fee, drivers can choose their preferred payment method. Among the available ones are credit/debit card, PayPal, bank transfer, SoFort, Klarna, and many more.


Online vignette purchases available 24/7

As the online vignettes are available 7 days a week, 24 hours per day, drivers no longer need to bother about the time when they should complete the purchase. No matter the time of the day or whether you are still in your country or already crossed the Czech Republic borders, a Czech vignette is always available for you online. Obtain yours using your mobile device and avoid paying fines during the vignette control.


Professional Help from the Support Team

Yet another advantage of purchasing the Czech e-vignette is the fact that our customers are offered professional assistance by our Support Team. Any time you encounter some difficulties when ordering your vignette, you have some doubts regarding your vehicle category, registration number, validity period, vignette prices, etc., you can contact them via email.