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How to buy a digital vignette for the Czech Republic

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How to buy a digital vignette in Czech Republic

The Czech Republic vignette can be obtained in three different ways. Depending on the driver’s preferences, a vignette can bought at one of the Czech self-service kiosks or sales points, including petrol stations, located across the Republic. However, since 2021, it has also been possible to purchase a Czech vignette online. Together with the introduction of the electronic toll system, the country eliminated the adhesive vignettes.


How to buy the Czech vignette online?

A driver who wishes to obtain a vignette for the Czech Republic online should prepare a working electronic device and a valid means of online payment. The vignette purchase process consists of the following three steps:

  1. Fill out the online form: Choose one type of vignette and enter all required information regarding your vehicle (license plate number, country of registration, etc.)
  2. Indicate the vignette start date: Go to the online calendar and choose the start date of your vignette; next, cover the service fee using one of the available methods of online payment.
  3. Check your email address: Go to your email inbox and download an email containing your active e-vignette.

Please note that there is no need to print it out. However, you may save the confirmation of your vignette order in your email.


How does the digital vignette for the Czech Republic work?

All drivers who own a car whose Gross Vehicle Weight does not exceed 3.5t need to obtain a vignette in order to legally use the Czech motorways. A driver of a vehicle that does not have a valid vignette is subject to fines. The country introduced the system of vignette control, including the special patrol vehicles and a camera system that monitors the vehicles based on their license plate numbers.

Driving through the Czech Republic on the toll roads may result in fines up to CZK 20,000.



What to prepare for the Czech vignette online purchase?

To successfully register at the Czech electronic toll system, make sure to prepare the following:

  • your vehicle’s details
  • active email address
  • valid means of online payment
  • working electronic device with stable Internet access

The order process is very intuitive and takes a couple of minutes, provided that you have all the required information at hand.


What is the cost of the online vignette for the Czech Republic?

The cost of the online vignette may vary as it depends on the vignette type as well as the type of vehicle. The available vignette types include the following:

  • an annual vignette: CZK 1,500/ CZK 750*
  • a 30-day vignette: CZK 440/ CZK 220*
  • a 10-day vignette: CZK 310/ CZK 155*

*Prices marked with ‘*’ are eco prices that apply to vehicles powered by natural gas or biomethane exclusively.


Can I still purchase a standard toll sticker for the Czech Republic?

Until 1st February 2021, the Czech vignette was available only as adhesive vignette stickers. Currently, drivers no longer need to obtain a physical sticker and fix it to the windscreen of the vehicle. Instead, they can obtain an e-vignette online before arriving in the Republic or purchase it after crossing the border at one of the vignette sales points, i.e., Česká pošta or EuroOil.

To get a vignette at the sales point or the self-service kiosk, a driver simply needs to provide the vehicle’s registration country, license plate numbers, vignette start date, and type of vignette. After covering the fee, they can start using the Czech motorways issues-free. No adhesive stickers need to be placed on the vehicle.