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Types of Slovakian Vignettes

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About Vignette Types in Slovakia

Slovakian vignette types are different kinds of vignette that can be obtained in Slovakia. The online toll system was introduced in 2016 by the Slovakian government. Right now, you don’t need to find a shop or vending machine to buy a toll sticker. You can do it before your trip and don’t worry about additional stress.

To get the Slovakian vignette, you should prepare a device with an internet connection. Then, visit the application panel, complete the electronic form, provide information (like vehicle registration certificate) cover the fee, and wait for confirmation, as well as a vignette that will be sent to your email.

The vignette is a must-have if you plan to drive on the toll roads in Slovakia in a car weighing up to 3.5 t. You can pick several types of vignettes according to the validity period: a 10-day vignette, a 365-day vignette, a 30-day vignette, and a 1-year vignette.

Furthermore, you need to keep in mind certain exceptions. In the case of specific government vehicles or those that assist people, drivers do not need to obtain a vignette. Those with a ZŤP disability card and vintage automobiles are also exempt from the rule.

Types and Prices of Slovakian Vignette


Price: €60


Price: €60


Price: €17


Price: €12

Remember that the final price may change anytime because it depends on many factors.

*Annual vignette validity period starts on 1 January or on the payment day and ends on 31 January of the following calendar year.

Vehicle category under 3.5 t

A valid vignette must be obtained by drivers whose cars weigh no more than 3.5 t. Note that the principle includes two-track vehicles, M1 category vehicles, and a combination of vehicles (such as a car and a trailer). Additionally, you need to buy a vignette in case the total weight of M1 and N1 vehicles exceeds 3.5 t.

The below types of the digital vignette to Slovakia are available:

  • 1-year vignette
  • 365-day vignette
  • 30-day vignette
  • 10-day vignette

Choose the one the best for your trip, considering the pace and other circumstances.

Vehicles over 3.5 t

When it comes to vehicles weighing more than 3.5 t, the drivers must prepare a special on-board unit that will check the distance and, accordingly, impose the fee that also depends on the vehicle class/weight/emission or number of axles. If you want more details, you can check the official governmental website.

Traveling without Slovakian vignette

Remember that you need to have a vignette to use the toll roads in Slovakia. You may be checked by the Slovakian policy or authorities anytime. Besides, there is a special technology that uses cameras and drones which can examine your license plate numbers and check if you paid the fee.

Driving without a vignette in Slovakia will result in a fine that can cost up to €500. Obtain a vignette and enjoy a stay without worries.