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Slovak Vignette for Caravans

Order a mandatory digital vignette for vehicles up to 3.5t with fast order validation.

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About Slovakia vignette for caravans

Slovakia vignette for caravans may be required in particular situations. There is a vignette obligation on motorways and expressways in Slovakia for vehicles with a total weight of no more than 3.5t. Caravans can be treated as trailers, so an additional vignette can be needed. According to the Slovak toll system, trailers of O1 and O2 categories that are part of the combinations of vehicles with a total mass exceeding 3.5t should have a separate vignette.

The driver of the towing vehicle with the caravan can obtain several types of electronic vignette: a 10-day, a 30-day, a 365-day, or a 1-year permit (the last one is valid from 1 January or purchase date to 31 January the following calendar year). To get a vignette, complete the online form (check the details twice; different plate numbers will result in driving without a vignette), cover the service fee, and wait for approval.

Why you should obtain the Slovak vignette for caravans

The additional Slovak vignette for caravans is essential in case of the combination of vehicles with a total weight heavier than 3.5t. All drivers without a valid vignette will be punished with a fine, depending on the circumstances.

It is advisable to check all the information before the trip to avoid unpleasant situations during the control. Random checks, camera systems, and drones enable the proper authorities to search for drivers who use motorways illegally without a vignette, so keep that in mind.

Vehicles covered by the Slovak vignette for caravans

A Slovak vignette is mandatory for all vehicles weighing no more than 3.5 tons on the Slovak toll roads. The rule doesn’t apply to motorcycles, emergency/historic vehicles, and ZŤP disability cardholders.

Besides, vehicles with a weight exceeding 3.5t must have an onboard unit that charges them according to the driven distance and other factors. Remember about proper permits, as without them, you risk financial consequences.

Online purchase of the Slovak caravan vignette

In order to obtain a Slovak vignette and use toll roads, you should provide information in the form (such as vehicle registration number), pay a toll (service fee), and wait for the vignette that will be sent to your email.

The electronic process won’t take long, and thanks to it, you don’t need to look for the gas stations or wait in line. Everything is done online, so no physical sticker should be put on the windscreen. It is a very convenient option.

Duration of the Slovakia caravan vignette

The Slovakia vignette validity period with prices is as follows:

  • 1-YEAR E-VIGNETTE (Price: €60)
  • 365-DAY E-VIGNETTE (Price: €60)
  • 30-DAY E-VIGNETTE (Price: €17)
  • 10-DAY E-VIGNETTE (Price: €12)

You can select one of the offered vignettes while filling in the electronic form. Remember that all the prices are subject to change, as they depend on the government’s decision. Prepare for your journey and get all the necessary documents.