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Vignette Control in Switzerland

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About Vignette Control in Switzerland

The Switzerland vignette control can be performed both at the country’s border by the Federal Office for Customs and Border Security (BAZG) and inland by the cantonal police conducting random checking. For the time being, the country has not introduced an automated checking system, and no plans for such systems have been revealed.

Switzerland still uses adhesive vignette stickers that can be obtained at the Swiss borders. Since the 1st of August 2023, it is also possible to purchase the Swiss vignette online, which is delivered directly to the driver’s email address. The digital vignette system entirely eliminated the need to fix any sticker on the windscreen of the vehicle. The country plans to fully replace a toll sticker with an e-vignette once 90% of drivers choose a digital alternative.

The Swiss motorway vignette obligation applies to all motor vehicles whose maximum GVW is up to and including 3.5t. It includes cars, campervans, motorcycles, caravans, motorhomes, and trailers.

For vehicles exceeding a GVW of 3.5t, for example, buses, lorries, and motorhomes, an additional heavy vehicle toll was introduced, which is charged according to the mileage.

Driving on Swiss highways and freeways without a valid vignette, either toll sticker or e-vignette may result in a fine of CHF 200.

Do remember to purchase a digital vignette before you enter toll roads in Switzerland and avoid pricey fines!


Fines and penalties

Using the motorways in Switzerland without purchasing a valid vignette may result in fines that are currently CHF 200. Additionally, a driver fined for the lack of the vignette must also cover the costs of the vignette itself (around CHF 40).

What is more, a fine may be imposed not only if you drive without a vignette but also if you misuse it. For example, if the Swiss vignette is affixed in the wrong way or damaged, you may be fined during the control.

Under no circumstances should you transfer your physical vignette to another vehicle as it is assigned to the particular vehicle. Please note that if you decide to buy a Swiss electronic vignette, it will be assigned to the vehicle registration number.

Also, forging your vignette may cause serious legal consequences, such as being reported to the Attorney General of Switzerland.

When you enter Switzerland, you may be controlled for the valid vignette by the BAZG employees. In turn, when driving through the country, you may also expect to be randomly checked by the cantonal police.


Vignette exemption

As a rule, the vignette obligation applies on motorways and roads with white and green markings immediately after entering the road. Nevertheless, there are certain exceptions when the vignette requirement does not apply, as long as you take the first exit off the highway. It concerns the following motorways:

  • Basel St. Louis
  • Rheinfelden
  • Kreuzlingen

There are also certain vehicles that are exempt from the vignette obligation, including:

  • vehicles with military license plates;
  • police;
  • vehicles designed to carry help to Swiss citizens;
  • test vehicles (vehicles for driver testing);
  • fixed trailers;
  • trailers and trolleys for motorcycles;
  • certain tractors;
  • and others.