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Switzerland vignette for motorcycles

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About Switzerland vignette for motorcycles

Switzerland vignette for motorcycles is an obligatory document that persons traveling on motorcycles must possess to use the Swiss toll road issues-free. The vignette requirement applies both to international travelers and Swiss nationals driving motorcycles.

There is no separate Swiss vignette for motorcycles as such. Nevertheless, owners of motorcycles should remember to purchase an official Swiss vignette.

Since August 2023, getting a Swizterland vignette for motorcycles has been much easier as the country introduced its digital alternative. At the moment, a Swiss vignette is available both in a digital and traditional form.

If you plan a motorcycle trip through Switzerland, obtaining a vignette online will be your most convenient option. The Swiss e-vignette for your motorcycle can be purchased online using your electronic device with an Internet connection. Once your motorcycle vignette is activated, you will receive an email confirmation.


Why you should obtain a Swiss motorcycle vignette

The requirement to obtain a Swiss vignette for motorcycles, as well as other vehicles with a GVW up to 3.5t, is to help maintain the network of Swiss highways. Driving in Switzerland without a vignette is possible, but knowing which roads are vignette-free may be hard. To avoid this inconvenience, you should purchase a vignette for your motorcycle and enjoy a hassle-free drive in Switzerland.

If you decide to omit the vignette requirement in Switzerland, you should be aware of the high financial penalties that are applicable for driving without a vignette. Currently, the fine is CHF 200 plus the cost of the vignette itself.


Vehicles covered by the Switzerland vignette for motorcycles

The Switzerland motorcycle vignette obligation applies to all owners of motorcycles. Do remember that even if you plan a short drive through Switzerland, you will have to buy a vignette.

If you consider traveling to Switzerland using another transportation mode, please note that you may need to obtain a Swiss vignette for any vehicle up to 3.5t, including a car, motorbike, caravan, trailer, camper, or delivery van.


Online purchase of the Swiss motorcycle vignette

All motorcycle owners who plan to drive in Switzerland can easily purchase a vignette online. You no longer need to stop at the petrol station or another vignette sales point to obtain a vignette for your motorcycle. Follow these simple steps and get your valid vignette straight to your email inbox:

  1. Fill out the online form: Provide all necessary details in the online application form, including your vehicle’s details and make sure that your form is error-free.
  2. Cover the service fee: Select the most convenient method of online payment and pay the processing fee.
  3. Refresh your email inbox: Once you complete the online payment, make sure to verify your email address – the active vignette will be delivered there once the payment is registered.

Note: Switzerland has not introduced the camera system to control vignette usage. That is why you should print your motorcycle vignette confirmation and carry its printed version with you. Police patrols may perform manual vignette control and ask you to show your vignette proof.


Duration of Swiss vignettes for motorcycles

No matter the duration of your trip to Switzerland, there is only one type of Swiss vignette available, which is an annual vignette. Unfortunately, Switzerland doesn’t offer short-term vignette options.

The validity of the Swiss vignette for motorcycles is 14 months, and it starts on December 1st of the previous year and ends on January 31st of the next year.

Note: Despite the fact that your trip takes only a few days, an annual vignette is necessary if you don’t want to risk being fined.