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Vignette for Tunnels in Switzerland

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About the Swiss vignette for tunnels

Swiss vignette for tunnels is a vignette that must be obtained to use toll roads and certain tunnels in Switzerland. In general, there is no separate vignette only for Swiss tunnels. However, an official vignette for Switzerland covers all toll highways and some tunnels in the country. Unfortunately, there are two tunnels (the Grote Sint-Bernard and the Munt-la-Schera) that require paying additional toll charges apart from having a valid vignette.

The Swiss tunnel vignette should be obtained by all drivers of the vehicles and trailers with a maximum GVW of 3.5t. Drivers can purchase a Swiss vignette for tunnels online or at one of the vignette sales points. Vignettes purchased online are assigned to the registration number of a vehicle. Physical toll stickers, which are still available for purchase, are directly assigned to the vehicle.

The importance of getting a Swiss tunnel vignette

Traveling in Switzerland without a valid vignette on toll highways or tunnels may result in financial penalties. You should know that obtaining a vignette will allow you to travel through Switzerland without worrying about the potential fines. Also, remeber about two tunnels that are subject to additional charges.

The fines for driving without a valid vignette in Switzerland is CHF 200. Moreover, a driver who uses Swiss tunnels and toll roads in Switzerland without a valid vignette must cover the cost of a vignette as well. A fine can also be imposed for misusing the Swiss vignette and transferring from one vehicle to another (refers to physical toll stickers).

Vehicles covered by the Switzerland vignette for tunnels

Drivers of the following vehicles (up to and including 3.5t) should obtain a vignette for tunnels in Switzerland:

  • motorcycles
  • cars
  • trailers
  • caravans
  • campervans
  • motorhomes

If the vehicle’s GVW exceeds 3.5t, a driver must cover heavy vehicle tolls (lorries, buses, motorhomes).

Note: The vehicle combination of a car with a trailer or caravan requires obtaining two vignettes for Switzerland (physical stickers) or only one vignette (digital vignette).

How to buy the Swiss vignette for tunnels online

Since obtaining a tunnel vignette for Switzerland is now possible online, drivers no longer need to stop at the nearest petrol station or another vignette sales point on the road. Instead, they can order the Swiss vignette using any electronic device. The online purchase process consists of the following steps:

  1. Fill out the online form: Provide all required details, including your vehicle’s license plates, country of registration, etc.
  2. Cover the fee: Choose one of the secure methods of online payment and cover the processing fee.
  3. Receive your e-vignette: After covering the payment, make sure to check your email inbox and download your vignette confirmation.

As there is no camera system verifying vehicles driving without a valid vignette in Switzerland, printing out the vignette receipt and presenting its copy during the vignette control is recommended.

Duration of Swiss vignette for tunnels

Switzerland is the only e-vignette country that offers only one type of vignette. Whether your driving plans in Switzerland are short-term or you plan to frequently travel through Switzerland by road, you must obtain an annual vignette in both cases.

The Swiss vignette for tunnels is issued with a 14-month validity, starting on December 1st of the year before the purchase and ending on January of the following year.