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Vignette for entrepreneurs in Switzerland

Order a mandatory digital vignette for vehicles up to 3.5t with fast order validation.

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About Swiss vignette for entrepreneurs

Swiss vignette for entrepreneurs is a vignette that you can obtain if you own your business and/or vehicle fleet and plan to use the Swiss road network.

Since the beginning of August 2023, the Switzerland vignette has been available online. Drivers can now obtain a vignette either as a traditional sticker or in a digital form.

Entrepreneurs who prefer to purchase a Swiss e-vignette should know that a digital vignette is electronically linked to a certain vehicle registration number. Contrarily, a sticker toll is assigned to the particular vehicle as it must be fixed on its windscreen.

The introduction of the Swiss e-vignette has eliminated the need to obtain a separate vignette for additional vehicles having the same registration number.

The Swiss motorway vignette obligation applies to all entrepreneurs owing motor vehicles and trailers whose GVW does not exceed 3.5t.

There is only one type of the official Swiss vignette, which is sold as a 1-year vignette remaining valid for 14 months. Its validity starts on 1st December of the previous year and ends on 31st January of the next year.


Types of Swiss vignettes available for entrepreneurs

The Switzerland vignette is available only in one type. No matter the planned duration of the drive through the country, entrepreneurs buying vignettes for their vehicle fleet should obtain:

  • an annual vignette: a vignette issued for 14 months; the validity period starts on December 1st of the previous year and ends on January 31st of the following year.

A one-year vignette can be purchased either as an electronic toll or in a traditional way as a physical adhesive sticker at one of the Swiss vignette sales points located across the country. An electronic vignette is directly matched to the vehicle’s registration number, while a traditional vignette must be fixed to one particular vehicle.

Note: If your trip through Switzerland is planned only for a few days or even one day, an annual vignette must still be obtained since the country has not yet introduced short-time vignettes.


How entrepreneurs can get a vignette for Switzerland

The process of ordering the Swiss vignette by entrepreneurs is very intuitive and can be completed within minutes from any place with a stable Internet connection and access to a working electronic device. To purchase a Switzerland vignette online, you just need:

  1. Put all the required information, including the vehicle category, the country of your vehicle’s registration, as well as the registration numbers of all of your vehicles for which you need a vignette (bulk purchase).
  2. Make the payment: choose one of the available means of online payment and cover the vignette service fee.
  3. Obtain your vignette confirmation: check your email address and download your e-vignette confirmation.

Important: The purchased vignette starts to be active just after completing the ordering process. Once you receive a confirmation email with your Swiss electronic vignette, you can start using it immediately.


Validity of the Swiss vignette for entrepreneurs

The Swiss vignette for entrepreneurs starts to be effective shortly after they are successfully purchased. No matter whether you decide to obtain a digital vignette or a sticker one, its validity is the same. Your Swiss vignette will be valid for a period of 14 months, starting on 1st December of the previous year to 31st January of the following year.

Since there is no waiting period before your vignette becomes active, it can be used to enter the Swiss toll roads just after covering the payment and receiving the confirmation email.