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Switzerland vignette for bridges

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Switzerland has no vignette for bridges. Although there is no Switzerland vignette for bridges, drivers who plan to travel through Switzerland should know that they need to obtain an official Swiss vignette for highways and expressways in the country. All toll roads in Switzerland are marked with white-green signs.

The vignette obligation in Switzerland applies to all motor vehicles and trailers whose GVW is up to 3.5 t. The official Swiss vignette is available as an annual vignette whose validity extends for 14 months. The vignette starts on December 1st of the previous year until the end of January of the year following the purchase.

Drivers of vehicles subject to the Swiss motorway vignette requirement can obtain either a traditional or digital vignette. The latter one has been available since August 2023. The introduction of the e-vignette system has not eliminated the traditional toll stickers in Switzerland.

The Switzerland vignette is automatically linked to the vehicle’s license plate, which means that there is no need to obtain a separate vignette for a trailer with the same license plate. In turn, when buying a traditional Swiss vignette, you must know that it will be assigned to your particular vehicle.

The most convenient way to get a vignette for Switzerland is to obtain it online. In order to purchase an e-vignette for Switzerland, you will need to provide your vehicle’s details, such as license plate number and country of registration of your vehicle. Also, it will be necessary to cover the processing fee. Once the service fee is successfully registered, the vignette confirmation will be sent to your email address within a few hours.

Do note that using the Swiss road network without a valid vignette may result in a financial penalty, which is CHF 200 plus the cost of the missing vignette.