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Switzerland vignette for caravans

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About Switzerland vignette for caravans

Switzerland vignette for caravans is a document confirming the fact that a vehicle’s owner covered the road tax. The Swiss vignette is required for every caravan whose GVW doesn’t exceed 3.5 tons. The vignette obligation covers both international travelers and Swiss nationals using the Swiss roads.

Switzerland doesn’t distinguish various vignette types according to the vehicle category, which means that you won’t find a separate Swiss vignette dedicated only to caravans. Instead, you should purchase an official vignette for Switzerland which also must be obtained for cars, trailers, campers, delivery vans, and motorbikes.

If you plan a trip to Switzerland with your caravan, you can now easily purchase a Swiss vignette online. All thanks to the introduction of the e-vignette system in August 2023. Obtaining a vignette online for your caravan will help you to save plenty of time and energy. After completing the purchase, an active vignette confirmation will arrive directly in your email inbox.

Why you should obtain a Swiss caravan vignette

The requirement to have a vignette to drive in Switzerland is aimed at collecting money that can be next spent on road maintenance.

Drivers of vehicles, including caravans, up to 3.5 t, who fail to purchase a vignette for Switzerland should be aware of the potential fine that can be imposed if a driver uses the Swiss toll roads without a valid vignette. At the moment, the fine is CHF 200. Drivers must also know that the fine doesn’t include the vignette price, which means that apart from the fine, they will need to cover the vignette fee anyway.

Vehicles covered by the Switzerland vignette for caravans

The Switzerland caravan requirement covers all caravans with a maximum weight of 3.5 t.

Owners of caravans with GVW exceeding 3.5t aren’t exempt from tolls. Instead of buying a Swiss vignette for caravans, they are subject to the lump-sum heavy vehicle charge.

Online purchase of the Swiss caravan vignette

All travelers who are considering traveling to Switzerland with their caravans can purchase a Swiss vignette online before their journey starts. Instead of looking for the vignette sales point after crossing the Swiss border, every driver of a caravan can get a vignette in the following simple steps:

  1. Fill out the order form: put all necessary details, including your personal information and details of your vehicle; double-check the provided information and move on to the next step.
  2. Cover the vignette fee: use one of many available means of online payment and pay the vignette service fee.
  3. Check your email: shortly after completing the payment, go to your email inbox and check if the confirmation email has arrived to you.

Duration of Swiss vignettes for caravans

Unfortunately, Switzerland doesn’t offer short-term vignettes. In practice, it means that if you plan a short trip through Switzerland with your caravan, the only vignette you can buy is the one that remains valid for 14 months.

The Swiss annual vignette is valid from December 1st of the previous year to January 31st of the year following the vignette purchase.

Don’t risk receiving fines and get your Swiss vignette online to drive in Switzerland without any issues.