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Vignette Control in Slovenia

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About Vignette Control in Slovenia

Slovenia vignette control is maintained by the Motorway Company in the Republic of Slovenia (DARS), the Financial Administration of the Republic of Slovenia, and the Police.

To check if a vehicle has a valid Slovenian e-vignette, toll road operators use toll control vehicles and cameras on the motorway network and at control points.

The information about a vehicle is deleted from the system right after establishing tolling compliance. However, in case of tolling non-compliance, the system keeps the data until the offense proceedings completion.

The fine for using motorways and expressways without a vignette in Slovenia is 300 EUR. A fine of 500 EUR will be imposed if the registration number in the e-vignette system does not match the vehicle’s registration plate number.

There are also certain exemptions to vignette obligation. Some vehicles do not require the toll sticker: they only must be registered in the e-vignette system before entering the paid roads.

Fines and penalties

According to the Road Tolling Act, it is prohibited to drive Slovenian motorways and expressways without a valid digital vignette. Those who violate this law will be fined 300 EUR.

If a toll payer tries to transfer the vehicle registration plate digitally connected to a vignette to another vehicle or to a vehicle from a different class, the fine will go up to 500 EUR.

The penalty notice is delivered by mail or directly by the police on-site. A driver who uses paid roads in Slovenia without a valid vignette will then be issued a digital vignette set for the day of the offense. Such a vignette will get effective after a driver pays the fine.

The customer will be issued an invoice for covering the digital vignette fees. They will also receive an order prohibiting the use of the toll road until all issued invoices are paid.

The driver must settle the costs within the payment date stated on the invoice.

Vignette exemption

In accordance with Article 9 of the law, there are specific exemptions from toll payment:

  • Motor vehicles with priority and escort vehicles, including the escorted vehicles – any vehicle that is equipped with specific light signals in accordance with traffic regulations, regardless of where it is registered, or any vehicle that uses special light and sound signals per these regulations during an emergency
  • Military vehicles of the Slovenian Armed Forces – all vehicles with registration plates of the Slovenian Armed Forces
  • Foreign military vehicles used on a national defense mission for sending international peacekeeping forces and conducting other security and defense activities defined by international treaties
  • Transport with vehicles for performing humanitarian aid tasks for those in need in war or peace conditions, as well as victims of natural and other disasters or armed conflicts
  • Vehicles of the toll road operator for performing the maintenance works of toll roads and toll activities