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Vignette Validity in Slovenia

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About Slovenia Vignette Validity

Slovenia vignette validity is a period during which its holders can legally use motorways and expressways in Slovenia. Drivers are able to choose different options for the Slovenia vignette validity period.

The Slovenia vignette is available for four time periods – an annual vignette, a semi-annual vignette, a monthly vignette, and a weekly vignette.

Slovenia vignettes for annual and weekly usage can be obtained for every vehicle category. A semi-annual vignette can be purchased for the first toll class only, while weekly vignettes are applicable to the 2A toll class and the 2B toll class categories.

All types of e-vignette to Slovenia can be purchased in advance, with a delayed start of the validity period. Drivers are able to choose the first day of validity up to 30 days (including the date of issue) from the date of buying a digital vignette.

Note that the Slovenian electronic vignette is linked to the license plate number. You cannot transfer it to another vehicle. After your Slovenia e-vignette expires, you need to buy a new digital vignette.

Validity period of the Slovenian vignette

Annual e-vignette

Slovenia annual e-vignette stays valid for one year – from the date selected as a validity start date until the end of that day in the following year.

A valid vignette with a start date of 1 January 2023 allows its holder to use the Slovenian motorways and expressways until the end of 1 January 2023.

The leap year (for example, 2024) makes an exception: if 29 February, which is not added to the calendar of the proceeding year, is chosen as the start date – the annual digital vignette for Slovenia expires on 28 February in the following year.

Semi-annual e-vignette

The validity of a semi-annual e-vignette for Slovenia is 6 months and begins on the date chosen by a driver. The end of the validity period is the same day after six months or the last day of the month if the sixth month does not have such day as the start date.

See how it works: if you select 1 January 2023 for the semi-annual e-vignette start date, you can use this e-vignette until 12 a.m. on 1 June 2023.

Note that a semi-annual vignette is available for the first toll class only – single-track motor vehicles.

Monthly e-vignette

Slovenia monthly electronic vignette remains effective from the start date selected during the purchasing procedure until the end of the same day in the following month, or, should there be no such day, until the last day of that month.

A monthly vignette set for 1 January 2023 allows using Slovenian roads until the end of 1 February 2023.

Weekly e-vignette

Weekly e-vignette for Slovenia stays valid for 7 days. Note that you can use a weekly digital vignette only for consecutive 7 days.

If you purchase a weekly vignette with a start date of 1 January 2023 (Sunday), you will be able to use it until midnight of 7 January 2023 (Saturday).