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How to Buy Vignette in Slovenia

Order a mandatory digital vignette for vehicles up to 3.5t with fast order validation.

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How to buy a digital vignette for Slovenia

Slovenia electronic vignette has replaced the vignette in the form of a sticker and can be purchased in several ways. A vignette obligation is imposed to cover costs for the repair and maintenance of freeways and expressways in Slovenia.

The easiest way is to buy an e-vignette to Slovenia online by completing an electronic form on the website. Also, a vignette can be obtained at physical points of sale – petrol stations and various vendors in Slovenia.

How to buy the Slovenian vignette online?

The process of purchasing a Slovenia e-vignette is straightforward and does not take much time, so every driver can complete it without any issues. It is necessary to take a working device with a stable internet connection and follow the steps below:

  1. Complete the online form. Select the appropriate toll class of the vehicle for which the e-vignette will be used and provide the necessary details such as vehicle registration plate number, country of registration, and validity start date.
  2. Cover the fees. You can choose the following payment methods: debit/credit cards and PayPal.
  3. Check the inbox. The Slovenia vignette will be sent directly to your email address. You are not required to print it out – your e-vignette will be digitally connected to your license plate number.

How does the digital vignette for Slovenia work?

A Slovenia e-vignette is a toll payment method for motor vehicles with a maximum permissible weight of up to 3.5 t. A valid vignette gives the right to use all motorways and expressways in the Republic of Slovenia. The e-vignette must be bought before a driver enters the toll road.

Cameras on the motorway network, at control points, and in toll supervision vehicles monitor the vehicle’s registration plates, and the system checks if there is a vignette obtained for that vehicle.

Those using Slovenian motorways and expressways without a vignette will be fined 300 EUR. A fine of up to 500 EUR may be imposed for using the wrong type of vignette or a vignette from another vehicle.

What to prepare for the Slovenian vignette online purchase?

In order to buy the vignette for Slovenia online, you must prepare:

  • a working device connected to the internet
  • an active email address
  • online payment means
  • details of your vehicle (vehicle’s registration country, license plate numbers, etc.)

It is essential that all the information provided is correct and accurate. Double-check the form before submitting: if the vehicle’s license plate numbers do not match the ones in the toll system, you may be fined.

What is the cost of the online vignette for Slovenia?

The price of Slovenia e-Visa depends on the toll class and chosen validity period:

1: Single-track motor vehicles

  • Annual e-vignette – 58.70 EUR
  • Semi-annual e-vignette – 32.00 EUR
  • Weekly e-vignette – 8.00 EUR

2A: Two-track motor and caravan vehicles

  • Annual e-vignette – 117.50 EUR
  • Monthly e-vignette – 32.00 EUR
  • Weekly e-vignette – 16.00 EUR

2B: Two-track vehicles with height above front axle 1.3 m or more

  • Annual e-vignette – 235.00 EUR
  • Monthly e-vignette – 64.10 EUR
  • Weekly e-vignette – 32.00 EUR

Can I still purchase a standard toll sticker for Slovenia?

In Slovenia, standard toll stickers are no longer available, since they were substituted by digital vignettes. Drivers are no longer required to stick a toll sticker on the vehicle’s windscreen and damage it when removing the old vignette.

A new digital vignette can be purchased online and at physical points of sale in advance. The procedure of obtaining a vignette online is easy: a driver fills out the form by entering the type of vignette, vehicle’s registration country, license plate numbers, vignette start date, and other necessary information.