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Vignette for Tunnels in Slovenia

Order a mandatory digital vignette for vehicles up to 3.5t with fast order validation.

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General information about Slovenia tunnel vignette

Slovenia vignette for tunnels is mandatory for those willing to drive toll roads and tunnels in Slovenia. While there is no special vignette for Slovenia tunnels, a digital vignette for Slovenia applies not only to Slovenian motorways but also tunnels. The Karavanke tunnel between Slovenia and Austria is an exception: it requires a separate payment by purchasing a point card.

The Slovenia tunnel vignette covers all motor vehicles with a maximum permissible total weight of up to 3.5 t. An e-vignette substituted a vignette in the form of a sticker and can now be obtained online or at physical sales points. The Slovenia e-vignette is connected to the vehicle registration plate number.

Why you should get a Slovenia vignette for tunnels

Without a current e-vignette, using Slovenia expressways, motorways, and tunnels is against the law, and those who violate it will be subject to a 300 EUR fine.

The fine of 500 EUR applies if the toll payer improperly moves the vehicle registration plate linked to the electronic vignette for tunnels to another vehicle or a vehicle that isn’t in the same toll class as the original vehicle.

Keep in mind that e-vignettes are not valid in the Karavanke tunnel, so the toll for vehicles with a weight of up to 3.5 t must be separately paid at the Hrušica toll station. The tunnel Karavanke toll is 7.80 EUR and can be covered using cash payment, a credit card, or a debit card.

Vehicles covered by the Slovenia vignette for tunnels

DARSGO electronic toll system in Slovenia applies to the following toll classes of vehicles:

  • 1: Single-track motor vehicles: vehicles whose track is less than 50 centimeters wide;
  • 2A: Two-track motor and caravan vehicles: the vehicle’s height above the front axle is under 1.3 meters; this toll class covers most passenger cars, minivans, terrain vehicles, SUVs, and pick-ups;
  • 2B: Two-track vehicles with height above front axle 1.3 m or more: almost all multi-purpose vehicles and light trucks.

A Slovenian e-vignette for tunnels is required for all vehicles mentioned above.

Slovenia vignettes for tunnels online purchase

Drivers can obtain a Slovenia vignette for tunnels in a straightforward way online. It is no longer needed to stick a physical vignette to the vehicle’s windscreen, as the whole purchasing process is conducted electronically:

  1. Complete a form. Select the vehicle toll class and the e-vignette type. You also need to provide some information like the vehicle’s license plates, registration country, and your contact details.
  2. Pay the fees. Use one of the available methods of online payment to pay the toll.
  3. Check the email address. Confirmed e-vignettes are sent to the driver’s email address. Save the approval onto your device.

A valid vignette for tunnels is electronically linked to the registration plate number of the vehicle. Drivers take responsibility for entering an appropriate registration plate number and toll class.

Slovenia vignettes for tunnel duration

There are several options for the duration of Slovenia vignettes for tunnels. A driver can choose a vignette type according to the planned stay in Slovenia. It is also necessary to pay attention to the vehicle’s class.

You can choose between four validity options for Slovenia vignette for tunnels:

  • Annual e-vignette: remains effective from the start date selected by the driver until the end of the same day in the following year;
  • Semi-annual e-vignette (applies to single-track motor vehicles only): is valid from the start date chosen in the application form until the end of the same day after six months;
  • Monthly e-vignette (applies to single-track motor vehicles): is active from the date selected by the user until the end of that day in the following month;
  • Weekly e-vignette: can be used for seven consecutive days from the start date of the validity period specified by the customer.