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Vignette for highways in Slovenia

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About Slovenia vignette for highways

Slovenia vignette for highways is a mandatory vignette for toll roads in Slovenia. Since a digital vignette replaced the sticker vignette, drivers can buy the e-vignette online in an easy and speedy way.

Motorway vignettes are required for all motor vehicles with a maximum weight not exceeding 3.5 t. Slovenia vignette for highways covers 3 toll classes of vehicles: single-track motor vehicles, two-track motor and caravan vehicles, and two-track vehicles with a height above the front axle 1.3 m or more.

Violating vignette requirements will result in fines of up to 300-500 EUR.

Why is it essential to get a Slovenia vignette for highways

A motorway vignette was introduced in Slovenia as a source of financial means to maintain and improve the Slovenian road infrastructure. It eventually contributes to better safety on the roads.

The vignette control in Slovenia is performed by using cameras on the motorway network, at control points, and through toll control vehicles.

Driving Slovenian motorways and expressways without a valid e-vignette is penalized with a 300 EUR fine. In case a driver moves the vehicle registration plate connected with the e-vignette to another vehicle or to a vehicle not from the same toll class as the vehicle from which the registration plate was taken, a fine of 500 EUR must be paid.

Vehicles covered by the Slovenia vignette for highways

The Slovenia vignette for highways is required for 3 toll classes of vehicles:

  • 1: Single-track motor vehicles: all vehicles with a track not exceeding 50 centimeters wide;
  • 2A: Two-track motor and caravan vehicles: vehicles with a height above the front axle under 1.3 meters; the majority of passenger cars, minivans, terrain vehicles, SUVs, and pick-ups;
  • 2B: Two-track vehicles with height above front axle 1.3 m or more: the majority of the multi-purpose vehicles and light trucks.

The exceptions to the Slovenian toll system include:

  • motor vehicles with priority and escort vehicles;
  • military vehicles of the Slovenian Armed Forces;
  • foreign military vehicles used on a national defense mission;
  • transport with vehicles for performing humanitarian aid tasks;
  • transport with vehicles of the toll road operator maintaining toll roads and performing toll activities.

Buying Slovenian vignettes for highways online

The Slovenia vignette for highways is available online, which significantly facilitated the purchase. Now, the driver can obtain an e-vignette for Slovenia in a simple way using a working electronic device:

  1. Fill out the form by entering the requested details. You need to provide the e-vignette type, the vehicle category, the vehicle’s registration number, the country of registration, and the validity start date.
  2. Pay the e-vignette fees. You must choose one of the online payment options available on our website.
  3. Receive a vignette via email. A valid vignette will be sent directly to the email address provided in the form.

Duration of Slovenian vignettes for highways

According to the duration of the validity period of the Slovenia vignette for highways, there can be distinguished several e-vignette types:

  • Annual e-vignette: the preferable option for those planning to make numerous trips to Slovenia throughout the year;
  • Semi-annual e-vignette (available for single-track motor vehicles only): a reasonable choice for travelers going to use Slovenian motorways in a span of 6 months;
  • Monthly e-vignette (not available for single-track motor vehicles): a suitable e-vignette for drivers staying in/moving around Slovenia for up to 30 days;
  • Weekly e-vignette: an excellent type for travelers driving through Slovenia within a one-week period.

Choose the best type of Slovenian vignette for highways considering the class of your vehicle and the intended period of stay in the country.