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Vignette for entrepreneurs in Slovenia

Order a mandatory digital vignette for vehicles up to 3.5t with fast order validation.

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About Slovenian vignette for entrepreneurs

Slovenia vignette for entrepreneurs is a vignette that you can get if you own your business and plan to use the highways in Slovenia. It is a modern toll payment method for motor vehicles with a weight of up to 3,500 kg.

The Slovenia e-vignette has replaced the vignette in the form of a sticker, so now it is not required to stick the physical vignettes on the vehicle’s windscreen.

The process of purchasing an e-vignette for Slovenia takes place online: entrepreneurs complete the form, make payment, and receive a digital vignette via email.

It is advantageous for companies with a larger vehicle fleet: it is possible to import the registration numbers of all their vehicles to buy e-vignettes at the same time.

Slovenia e-vignettes for entrepreneurs are needed for three toll classes of vehicles: single-track motor vehicles, two-track motor and caravan vehicles, and two-track vehicles with a height above the front axle of 1.3 m and above.

Types of Slovenian vignettes available for entrepreneurs

There are 3 vignettes for different toll classes that entrepreneurs can get if they plan to drive through Slovenia:

  • 1: Single-track motor vehicles (all vehicles with a track up to 50 centimeters wide; e.g., motorbikes)
  • 2A: Two-track motor and caravan vehicles (vehicles with a weight of up to 3500 kg and a height above the front axle of up to 1.3 meters; e.g., passenger cars, minivans, terrain vehicles, SUVs, and pick-ups)
  • 2B: Two-track vehicles with a height above the front axle 1.3 m or more (vehicles that have a permitted weight of up to 3,500 kg and a height above the front axle exceeding 1.3 meters; e.g., multi-purpose vehicles and light trucks)

Moreover, it is also possible to distinguish electronic vignette types according to the validity period:

  • Annual vignette
  • Semi-annual vignette 
  • Monthly vignette
  • Weekly vignette

Note: Semi-annual vignette is available only to 1 toll class, and monthly vignettes can be obtained only for 2A and 2B toll classes.