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Slovenia Vignette for Campers

Order a mandatory digital vignette for vehicles up to 3.5t with fast order validation.

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About Slovenia vignette for campers

In Slovenia, a vignette is obligatory for drivers using Slovenia motorways and expressways. Even though Slovenia didn’t implement any separate vignette for campers, owners of campers weighing less than 3.5 t must buy a digital vignette. According to the Slovenia toll system, all vehicles up to 3.5t require a vignette.

A digital vignette replaced a vignette in the form of a sticker, and now one can buy it at authorized dealers, DARS points of sale, and online. To purchase a Slovenia vignette for campers electronically, a driver must fill out a short form, make a payment, and check the email for vignette confirmation.

Those using a vignette roads without a valid vignette will be fined. Vignette control is conducted by toll control vehicles and via cameras on the motorway network and at control points.

Why is it necessary to buy a Slovenia camper vignette

A Slovenia e-vignette is an obligatory toll payment method for motor vehicles weighing up to 3.5t. Entering a toll road in Slovenia without a vignette is illegal; an e-vignette gives access to all motorways and expressways in the country. Those who do not meet the regulations will be penalized with a fine of 300 EUR.

The offense can be recorded with a technical device or detected by a police officer, a controller of the Financial Administration, or a toll inspector. Drivers who used the toll road without a current digital vignette for Slovenia are urged to immediately order an e-vignette for the vehicle’s license plate involved in the offense, as it may serve as a mitigating circumstance.

Vehicles to which Slovenia camper vignette obligation applies

At the moment, a Slovenian vignette for campers is not available. Nevertheless, all vehicles whose weight does not exceed 3.5t must have a valid vignette, and campers also fall under this category.

During the purchase, it is required to select the toll class of your vehicle: whether it is the first toll class (single-track motor vehicles), 2A toll class (a height above the front axle of up to 1.3 m), and 2B toll class (a height above the front axle exceeds 1.3 m). Most campers belong to the 2A toll class, but you should take precise measurements of your camper to ensure you choose a proper toll category.

How to buy a digital vignette for campers in Slovenia online

Everyone can purchase a Slovenia digital vignette for campers in a straightforward way only within a few minutes. You must take a smartphone or other working device and initiate the purchase on our website:

  1. Complete the form. It is necessary to select the vehicle category and the e-vignette type. Also, you need to enter the vehicle registration number, country of registration, and contact details.
  2. Make the payment. Choose a payment method – several online options are available.
  3. Save the e-vignette onto your device. The approved Slovenia e-vignette for campers will be delivered to the email address.

Note that when ordering a digital vignette, it is essential to enter absolutely correct data. If the details do not match the vehicle registration number, a driver will be imposed a fine.

Duration of Slovenia vignettes for campers

Camper owners in Slovenia can choose between several options for a vignette validity period: an annual e-vignette, a monthly e-vignette, and a weekly e-vignette.

Select the Slovenia vignette’s validity period according to your traveling plans. Do not use Slovenia toll roads without a valid vignette.