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Benefits of Using Digital Vignette in Slovenia

Order a mandatory digital vignette for vehicles up to 3.5t with fast order validation.

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Advantages of Slovenia vignette online

The advantages of Slovenia e-vignettes are significant since a digital vignette became a convenient and accessible way to pay toll.

A valid vignette to Slovenia allows motor vehicles of up to 3.5 t to use toll roads in Slovenia. Drivers can purchase the e-vignette at physical points of sale or by completing a simple online form on the website.

A digital vignette for Slovenia offers many benefits, namely:

Simple and speedy online purchase

The electronic vignette system allows to obtain a vignette for Slovenia in an easy way, as the process of purchasing a digital vignette can be completed with just a few clicks. You should choose the vehicle toll class and the e-vignette type, enter your contact information and vehicle’s details (registration number, toll class, the start date of the validity period), and pay the fees. You will then receive the digital vignette for Slovenia by email.

Ease of access to a digital vignette

You won’t experience issues when looking for how to obtain an e-vignette, as it is extremely accessible: a digital vignette for Slovenia is available online and at physical points of sale (petrol stations and various vendors). This way, you can either use DarsGo services or contact authorized dealers. To buy a vignette, you need data on the vehicle’s registration plate number. For online purchases, it is also required to have an email address and the ability to make payments electronically.

The highest data protection

Our system is under constant maintenance and gets updated regularly. The personal data of customers is secured by the SSL certificate. It enables an encrypted connection, so we meet the highest protection standards. Customers can provide their true information and make the payment without any risks of leakage.


The implementation of the e-vignette system eliminated the negative impact on the environment. The adhesive vignette used before was made of plastic and paper, so it required more resources and contributed to waste pollution. The digital vignette Slovenia can be purchased fully online, so the environmental footprint is minimized.

No windscreen damage

A formerly used toll sticker needed to be glued to the vehicle’s windscreen and removed afterward. Not only it took much time and effort, but also created a problem for many drivers – it was difficult to scratch the expired vignette from the windscreen. It often resulted in residues and even damage. The launch of an e-vignette completely solved the issue.

Different payment options

A traditional vignette required payment in cash that was inconvenient for many people preferring cashless payment methods, especially for foreign travelers who had to attend money exchange points. The fees for an e-vignette for Slovenia can now be covered online. A driver can choose between several payment methods: PayPal, credit/debit card, SoFort, Klarna, and others.

Digital vignette available 24/7

Drivers do not have to follow office hours, as the e-vignette for Slovenia can be obtained online on any day and at any hour. You are able to purchase a digital vignette whenever you have free time. All types of Slovenia e-vignette can be bought in advance with a validity start date other than the date of purchase. For individual vignettes, it is possible to set up the validity start date to 30 days from the date of purchase.

Assistance from the support team

Our support team is always ready to answer any questions about the vignette obligation in Slovenia and to help our customers with the process of e-vignette purchase. If you are confused about vehicle categories or vignette validity period, get in touch with our support specialists by phone or via email and get comprehensive information regarding your issue.