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Vignette Control in Moldova

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Information about Vignette Control in Moldova

Moldova vignette control can be performed randomly by the Moldovan police, which may impose financial penalties on international drivers using the Moldovan roads without a valid vignette.

Vehicles that are subject to the Moldovan vignette obligation include cars, buses, trucks, and trailers. The vignette requirement applies to vehicles registered outside Moldova. There is no vignette for motorcycles in Moldova.

The Moldovan vignette can be obtained either as a physical toll sticker or an e-vignette. The digital vignette system has been operational since 2017.

Drivers using Moldovan highways should be aware of the fines that may be imposed for driving without a valid vignette. The amount of the fine depends on the number of days driven without a vignette. Obtain a Moldova vignette online and travel through the Republic of Moldova without any stress!


Fines and penalties

With the introduction of a digital vignette system in Moldova, the Moldovan border police have become authorized to perform random vignette checks and impose financial penalties for drivers using Moldovan highways without a vignette.

As the country does not have a camera system monitoring the vehicles and verifying the vignettes, traffic police and customs officials are the only body responsible for vignette control in Moldova.

The bigger number of days that a driver uses the Moldovan roads without a vignette, the highest fine that may be imposed during the control. If you drive without a vignette in Moldova for less than 7 days, the fine is MDL 5,000. For driving without a vignette for more than 7 days, a fine of MDL 6,500 applies.

Do not risk the fines and obtain a Moldovan vignette – either at one of the vignette sales points located across the country or purchase an e-vignette and receive its confirmation via email within minutes!


Vignette exemption

The only vehicle exempt from the vignette obligation in Moldova is a motorcycle. The vignette requirement covers all Moldovan roads. In practice, it is impossible to avoid covering the toll in Moldova. Moreover, Moldova is neither a European Union nor a Schengen Area member. That is why all international drivers should be ready for border control.

After crossing the Moldovan border, purchasing a mandatory vignette would be the next step. Depending on the duration time, the vignette price will differ. If you do not want to bother yourself with finding the nearest vignette sales point after entering Moldova, it is highly recommended to purchase a vignette online even before you start your journey.

The receipt of a purchased e-vignette should be printed out and stored in your vehicle. Be prepared to show it during the vignette control.