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How to buy a digital vignette for Moldova

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Information on how to buy vignette in Moldova

You must buy a vignette to Moldova if you are a driver of a motor vehicle registered outside Moldova and want to use toll roads in the country (only motorcycles are exempt from the vignette requirement).

The process of getting it is very simple. You can do it online, at the border crossing points, and at petrol stations. Just provide the vehicle registration number, license plate, and other details in the form, cover the fee, and wait for the confirmation.

There are several types of vignettes in Moldova depending on the validity period: a vignette for 7 days, 15 days, 30 days, 90 days, 180 days, or for more than 180 days. The price depends on the time and vehicle type. Remember that driving without a valid vignette may result in a fine. Avoid such unpleasant situations and purchase the Moldova vignette earlier.

How to buy the Moldova vignette online?

Buying an electronic vignette to Moldova consists of several steps that must be followed. Check the below list to know the details:

  1. Select the type of vehicle and provide necessary details, such as name, surname, license plate number, etc.
  2. Pay the service fee with one of the available methods of payment, such as credit/debit card, PayPal, Klarna, etc.
  3. Wait for the approval and verification code. Then, receive your e-vignette via email.

The Moldova vignette has only an electronic version, so it is not possible to buy a physical sticker anymore. The drivers don’t need to put a vignette on the windscreen – it is a very convenient solution, as everything is done online.

How does the digital Moldova vignette work?

The electronic vignette was introduced as an obligatory toll road for motor vehicles (passenger cars, trailers, buses, and trucks) registered outside Moldova. These kinds of fees are common in Europe, as they enable better control and maintenance of the roads thanks to the funds. Driving without a vignette results in a fine, so get the necessary documents before your trip to avoid problems.

What to prepare for the Moldovan vignette online purchase?

The following information needs to be considered during the purchase of Moldova vignette:

  • Basic details (name, surname, nationality, and so on),
  • Vehicle information (type of the vehicle, plate number, etc.),
  • The vignette duration (validity period and start date).

It is recommended to check the provided details twice. Mistakes or inaccurate information may result in inconveniences during the control done by the traffic police.

What is the cost of the online vignette for Moldova?

You can check the costs of online vignettes for Moldova below:

Passenger cars:

  • a 7-day vignette – € 4
  • a 15-day vignette – € 8
  • a 30-day vignette – € 16
  • a 90-day vignette – € 45
  • a 180 days vignette – € 85
  • a vignette for more than 6 months – € 180

Vehicles up to 3.5 t (delivery cars and trucks):

  • a 7-day vignette – € 5
  • a 15-day vignette – € 20
  • a 30-day vignette – € 40
  • a 90-day vignette – € 100
  • a vignette for more than 6 months – € 400

Note that the prices may change as they depend on government decisions and other factors. Check all the news on the official websites to be updated.

Can I still purchase a standard toll sticker for Moldova?

The Moldova vignette is available only in the online version. Currently, drivers can obtain electronic vignettes via a simple process consisting of a few simple steps (providing information, covering the fee, and waiting for the confirmation) and don’t need to put the physical sticker on the vehicle. It is a very convenient solution. Don’t forget about the vignette to enjoy the trip without problems.