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Moldova vignette for campers

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About Moldova vignette for campers

If you plan a trip to Moldova with your camper, a Moldova vignette for campers may be needed. Moldova requires all foreign vehicles to obtain a vignette, except motorcycles that can enjoy vignette-free drive.

If you are an owner of a camper, you can choose different vignette options, which differ in terms of duration. Short-term vignettes (7, 15, or 30 days) will be the most appropriate for those who plan a short trip through Moldova. Drivers who frequently drive in Moldova may consider purchasing a vignette with a longer duration, including a 90-day, 180-day, or even annual vignette.

Luckily, camper owners no longer need to fix the physical sticker to the vehicle’s windscreen. Instead, they can purchase a Moldovan digital vignette and complete the entire purchasing process online.


Why you should get a Moldova vignette for your camper

The main purpose of the vignette system is to collect money that can be spent on maintaining the national road network. Vignettes are a form of road tax, and failing to cover the tax by persons who are subject to the vignette obligation may result in fines.

Like in other vignette countries, Moldovan police also perform vignette controls. Drivers who fail to possess an active vignette should expect financial penalties. If you don’t want to risk, obtain an e-vignette and enjoy a hassle-free drive in Moldova.


Vehicles covered by the Moldovan vignette for campers

Moldova didn’t introduce a separate vignette for campers. Nevertheless, depedning on the GVW of your camper, you should choose the appropriate Moldova vignette type.

Also, selecting the period for which you prefer your vignette to be valid will be necessary. The longer the duration of the vignette, the higher the vignette price.


How to buy a Moldovan camper vignette online

If you need to buy a Moldovan vignette for your camper, you no longer need to worry about finding the nearest vignette sales point. Now, you can obtain a Moldovan camper vignette online by following a simple instruction:

  1. Provide your vehicle category and select the vignette validity that best matches your driving plans in Moldova.
  2. Enter all necessary information and ensure its correctness before moving on.
  3. Cover the processing fee using the preferred method of online payment.
  4. After settling the payment, you should receive the confirmation email with your purchased vignette. Make sure you have it.
  5. Use your vignette to drive in Moldova.

Note: You should make a printed copy of your vignette confirmation and carry it throughout the entire trip to Moldova. You should be ready to present the proof once asked during the control.


Duration of Moldovan vignettes for campers

There are many types of vignettes available for Moldova. Depending on your vehicle category, you may obtain vignettes for campers with different validity periods, including vignettes for 7 days, 15 days, or 30 days. There are also vignettes for longer terms, i.e., a vignette for 90 days, 180 days, or longer.

Every buyer is asked to indicate a vignette start date when ordering the vignette online. It is crucial to choose the proper date to ensure that the vignette covers the entire period you need to spend driving your camper in Moldova. Also, be aware of the potential fines that are imposed on drivers traveling without a valid vignette. The penalties are determined by how many days you use Moldovan roads without covering the road tax.