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Advantages of Moldova vignette online

Order a mandatory digital vignette for vehicles up to 3.5t with fast order validation.

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About advantages of Moldovan vignette

Since 2017 when Moldova introduced the e-vignette system, obtaining a vignette for Moldova is much easier and faster. Drivers can still get a vignette at one of the sales points situated at one of the border crossing points. Nevertheless, completing the order process online is way more convenient.

The essential advantages of the Moldova vignette online system include:

Convenient and easy online purchase

The Moldovan vignette may be obtained within minutes by completing a simple online form. A driver simply needs to provide all essential details regarding their vehicle, including the vehicle’s license plate number, and cover the processing fee using one of the available methods of online payment. After receiving the email confirmation, a vignette may be used straight away to drive on Moldovan toll roads. There is no cooling-off period that drivers would need to wait before they may use the Moldovan e-vignette.

Accessibility of a digital vignette

Contrarily to vignette sales points, the purchasing process of e-vignettes for Moldova is available all the time, regardless of time and day of the week. A vignette buyer can complete the order process practically from whatever place as long as they are in possession of a working electronic device and a stable Internet connection. For a successful order, they should also have access to a valid means of online payment and an active email address.

Safe and secure personal data

Our systems are constantly being upgraded to ensure the highest security standards and data protection. You can rest assured that all the data provided during the purchasing process is encrypted and securely stored.

Easy on the environment

Since the issuance of digital vignettes involves no paper or plastic, they are beneficial for the environment. They entirely eliminate the need to fix them to the vehicle’s windscreen at the same time, generating no waste and contributing to the reduction of energy that is used for the production of physical vignette stickers.

Clean vehicle without sticky residue

As the Moldovan vignette has a digital form, the problem of gluing and scratching the invalid vignette no longer exists. That is why you can also forget about sticky residues that physical stickers used to leave on the windscreen.

All major payment methods accepted

To enable unproblematic and fast payment for customers from all over the world, we accept all major payment methods. The service fee for an electronic vignette should be covered after providing all the necessary information. The accepted methods of online payment include credit/debit card, SoFort, Klarna, GiroPay, GooglePlay, and many more.

Online vignette purchase available 24/7

When buying an electronic vignette for Moldova, a driver no longer needs to worry about the time of the day or look for the place where the vignettes are being sold. No matter where you are, the Moldova e-vignette is available for online purchase 24/7. Just grab your mobile phone or any other electronic device and complete your order in a few simple clicks.

Help provided by the Support Team

Whenever you encounter some problems with your vignette order or with toll payments, you can reach our support team via email. Contact them any time you have some questions regarding the payment, your vehicle category, prices, etc.