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Vignette Control in Bulgaria

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Bulgaria Vignette Control information

The Bulgaria vignette control ensures each traveler has a valid Bulgarian vignette while using the motorways of Bulgaria. The toll sticker serves as evidence of paying the tax for using high-speed routes. The collected money funds maintenance works managed by the Road Infrastructure Agency.

While passing the Bulgarian territory, you may be stopped by the toll officers for a routine control check. Their duty is to verify the condition of your vehicle and ensure you have a valid vignette. If you fail to meet these conditions, it means you are using toll roads in Bulgaria illegally.

Apart from a vignette sticker, you may be asked to present some additional documentation. The officers of toll control have the right to request a national ID card and vehicle registration certificate.

The validity of your vignette may also be verified by an extensive camera system. In the entire country, there are multiple cameras detecting passing vehicles and checking their license plate numbers. If you purchased a digital vignette, it will be electronically linked to your vehicle’s registration.

Routine control of the toll payment is carried out by the Bulgarian Ministry of Interior and the Customs Service officers when drivers arrive at the border crossings. You will not be allowed to leave the country without participating in the control check.

Fines and penalties

It is crucial to remember that using Bulgarian highways without a suitable vignette is against the law. If you are planning to use the toll roads of Bulgaria, it is mandatory to purchase a traditional vignette sticker at one of the kiosks or obtain the e-vignette via an online application.

Despite having a valid sticker, you may still get a fine if placed incorrectly. Your vignette must be displayed on your vehicle’s windshield. To avoid such problems, you can purchase an electronic vignette – the e-vignette will be linked to your registration number.

The amount you will be required to cover may depend on different factors, such as your vehicle type, lack of a vignette, and your behavior toward the toll control officers. The minimal penalty is a 300 BGN fine.

Vehicles under 3.5t (cars)

  • Lack of vignette or expired vignette – 300 BGN (or more)

Vehicles under 3.5t (trailers)

  • Lack of vignette or expired vignette – 300 BGN (or more)

Vehicles over 3.5t

  • Lack of Route Pass – 300 BGN (or more)

NOTE! If you fail to obtain a suitable Bulgarian vignette (traditional toll or e-vignette) prior to the journey, it is recommended to cover the penalty as soon as possible. Later payments may result in a higher fine (even up to 3,000 BGN).

Vignette exemption

As for now, the only exemption to the vignette requirement on the Bulgarian toll roads is motorcycles. Drivers of these vehicles can travel through Bulgarian expressways and motorways without a vignette.