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Vignette Roads in Bulgaria

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Information about Roads in Bulgaria that require a vignette

The Bulgarian vignette roads are motorways that require you to pay the toll tax in the form of a vignette. As for now, you need a vignette to use seven selected highways in Bulgaria. In the future, additional toll roads may be included in the toll system.

Roads with mandatory usage of a valid vignette

It is essential to have a valid Bulgaria vignette if you plan on using motorways and expressways while driving through Bulgaria. According to the newest updates of the toll system, you should obtain a digital vignette to use the toll roads as the paper vignette is slowly being withdrawn.

Remember that if you fail to obtain a vignette (traditional or digital) before the trip and you are caught driving the Bulgarian motorways without a valid toll sticker, you will face a pricey fine. Apart from the routine controls conducted by the officers, there is also a camera system monitoring all the passing cars.

vignette roads BulgariaBulgarian motorways

  • A1 – Trakia motorway
  • A2 – Hemus motorway
  • A3 – Struma motorway
  • A4 – Martisa motorway
  • A5 – Cherno More motorway
  • A6 – Europe motorway
  • A7 – Veliko Tarnovo Ruse motorway

NOTE! As for now, the Mezdra Botevgrad expressway remains under construction, but it is going to be fully open for travelers in 2026. According to the Road Infrastructure Agency, it will also be a toll route, so to use this expressway, you will be required to have a valid vignette.

When to buy a vignette before entering Bulgarian toll roads

In the past, you could only obtain the traditional toll sticker while driving the Bulgaria vignette roads. It was sold at petrol stations and toll kiosks located near the borders and throughout the entire country.

However, the online toll system has become very popular. You can purchase the digital vignette for Bulgaria from the comfort of your home prior to the planned travel and ensure a hassle-free journey. You may even select another date for the vignette activation so that it is valid for your trip.

Although the toll stickers are still available at some posts, the Bulgarian Government plans to completely withdraw paper vignettes from the sale, leaving only the digital vignettes.

Speed limits in Bulgaria

Before setting out to Bulgaria, it is essential to be aware of the current speed regulations on Bulgarian roads. This will guarantee that you meet the mandatory regulations and not break the law. As for now, the speed limits for Bulgarian routes are as follows:


  • inside village: 60km/h
  • outside village: 100km/h
  • on motorways: 140km/h

Motorcycles, buses, trucks without trailers

  • inside village: 60km/h
  • outside village: 90km/h
  • on motorways: 120km/h

Cars, buses, trucks with trailers

  • inside village: 50km/h
  • outside village: 80km/h
  • on motorways: 100km/h

Tractors and trams

  • regardless of the road class: 60km/h