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Bulgaria vignette for campers

Order a mandatory digital vignette for vehicles up to 3.5t with fast order validation.

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General information about Bulgarian vignette for campers

Although there is no separate Bulgarian vignette for campers, all foreign travelers driving vehicles with a maximum gross weight of up to 3.5t must obtain a mandatory vignette for Bulgaria. It is essential to have a valid vignette if you would like to use the Bulgarian motorways and expressways freely. Driving vehicles weighing over 3.5t, use the distance-based online system Route Pass.

You can obtain the Bulgaria vignette for campers in two different ways. The electronic vignette for Bulgaria is easily accessible online – complete the registration form and cover the processing fee payment. Once your digital vignette is approved, it will be linked electronically to the registration number of your vehicle. You can also buy an adhesive toll sticker at petrol stations or border crossings.

Remember, the price of the Bulgarian vignette for campers does not include the cost of renting out a camping place. For example, if you wish to visit the most popular camping site in Bulgaria, Camping Veliko Tarnovo, you need to obtain a valid vignette and pay for your stay separately.

No additional vignette is required for campers passing through the toll roads of Bulgaria.

Why you should get a Bulgarian vignette for campers

A suitable Bulgarian vignette is required from all international travelers driving vehicles under 3.5t total weight (passenger cars, campers) on the national roads of Bulgaria. Regardless of the period you would like to spend abroad, it is essential to cover the road toll payment in the form of obtaining a vignette.

If you fail to buy a Bulgarian vignette for campers, you risk getting a fine of up to 3,000 BGN (around 1,500 EUR). While driving on Bulgarian high-speed roads, you may be stopped by police officers for routine control – they will verify your identity and check the validity period of your vignette.

Vehicles covered by the Bulgarian vignette for campers

Driving a camper on national toll roads in Bulgaria, it is mandatory to buy a standard Bulgarian toll sticker. As for now, there is no additional vignette for campers. However, a suitable vignette for Bulgaria is required from all travelers driving vehicles under 3.5t.

Bulgarian vignette for campers online purchase

You can buy the digital vignette for Bulgaria online. The purchase procedure is uncomplicated and effortless – it can be completed from home in less than 15 minutes. Before starting, ensure your electronic device has a stable Internet connection so that the entire process is hassle-free.

  • Select a validity period best suitable for your Bulgarian electronic vignette
  • Provide all the required data, such as vehicle category or license plate number
  • Pay for your vignette for Bulgaria using the selected online payment method

In order to avoid any problems with your application, it is advised to double-check all the information provided in the registration form. If there are any spelling mistakes in the questionnaire (such as wrong license plate numbers), your vignette will be considered invalid.

As soon as you have completed the registration process and the fee payment has been successful, a toll confirmation notice will be delivered directly to your e-mail address. The approved online vignette will be linked electronically to the registration number of your vehicle.

Bulgarian vignette for campers duration

If you need to obtain a Bulgarian vignette for campers, you can choose one of the five available toll types. The vignettes differ in the guaranteed period of validity. Depending on your choice, you will be allowed to use the motorways in Bulgaria for 2 days, 7 days, 30 days, 90 days, or an entire year.