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Austria Vignette for Bridges

Order a mandatory digital vignette for vehicles up to 3.5t with fast order validation.

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About the Austrian vignette for bridges

As for now, there is no separate Austrian vignette for bridges. However, it is mandatory to have a valid vignette if you plan on using the Austrian motorways and expressways. The regular toll sticker must be obtained by every driver as it proves they have covered the essential toll fees.

You can obtain the mandatory vignette while driving through Austrian border crossings, at petrol stations, and at special toll shops. But a much more convenient solution is to buy the Austrian digital vignette online. The e-vignette Austria will be connected electronically to the registration number of your vehicle. Both toll charges work in the same way, proving road tax payment in Austria.

The online purchase of the Austria vignette is intuitive and uncomplicated. All you need to do is fill in the special form with details about your vehicle (vehicle category, gross weight of the vehicle, license plate number). Then, you need to select the validity period of your digital vignette – you can choose 10 days, 60 days, and 1 year. Once you are done, it is essential to cover the processing fee payment.

A suitable toll sticker is required from all vehicles under 3.5t (passenger cars, motorcycles) that will drive through the Austrian territory using national motorways and expressways. Depending on the category of your vehicle, you should buy the according vignette type. They may differ in price. Keep in mind that vans, buses, or trucks do not need a toll sticker – they should use the GoBox system.

If you fail to purchase a vignette for Austria, you risk getting a pricey fine. You may be stopped during travel for a routine control check – then, the officers will ask you to present a valid vignette. What is more, the Austrian authorities use an extensive camera system to patrol the passing vehicles and scan each of them for a valid toll sticker.